Trump+Pentagon Vs Clinton+CIA

Good analysis at zerohedge.


  • Trump has military backers.
  • Clinton was the chosen CIA creature like Obama before her.
  • That’s why Brennan is mad and spreads rumors of Golden Showers by Russian prostitutes payed by Trump.
  • Trump has therefore appointed lots of ex military figures into his cabinet.
  • Stupid Leftists think this means war – when the civilian NeoCons of the CIA-BUSH-OBAMA-CLINTON regimes were the ones starting useless nation-destroying wars.

My thoughts:

The Pentagon was NEVER a fan of the CIA’s ISIS operations. They dreaded the idea of Pentagon regulars meeting SOCOM operatives working for the “other” team on the battlefield. Insofar as ISIS was the “other”  – it was in Western propaganda; but also Assad. Western Propaganda for the Syria war was never logical to any extent and that’s the reason it failed so miserably.

Generals just have a better concept of the COST of war – be it financial or in human terms. They study military history. Civilians don’t, for the most part.

Also, the purpose of an army is to PREVENT war. Generals KNOW that.

NeoCon civilians don’t CARE for the cost of war. They want BLOOD.

I guess they’re routed out now. They were the new ComIntern: A genocidal bunch of maniacs.

Oh BTW: Clinton, Obama, ISIS AND German president GAUCK (CDU) have ALL been switched off AT THE SAME TIME! Gauck had his farewell today. Funny that. I’m sure it’s a coincidence.


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