German MSM Starts Open Culturally Marxist Offensive

“Conservative” daily WELT (Springer-Verlag. Boss Friede Springer is BFF of Merkel) editorial headline: “We must fight Donald Trump and become braver, better, more innovative, more free, more open, more GAY and more multicultural”.


A few thoughts.

  • The “more gay” is “schwuler” in the original, i.e. explicitly MALE homosexuality. The editor switched it to “more creative” after a barrage of criticism.
  • His listing of grievance groups (gays and Muslims/ negro immigrants) means that he is a schooled cultural Marxist, an Adorno “Critical Theory” proponent. No conservative would EVER think that catering to grievance groups helps you in any way in what, an international conflict?
  • Whoever still pays for the rag must be braindead or a Cultural Marxist (but I repeat myself).

This whole SJW movement which in Germany is synonymous with political and medial establishment looks like a fly in search of a windshield.

And! That newspaper editor sees Germany FIGHTING AGAINST TRUMP!

  • Look at the ISOLATION of Merkel: She went along with Obama’s Russian sanctions hoping to get Assad killed.
  • Then OBAMA-CLINTON died so now she’s isolated against Trump!
  • This is wonderful.

He wants us to become more innovative. I guess he means people like me should work harder making products that can be sold at a profit so that culturally Marxist leeches like him can continue living high on the hog. No thanks buddy, I’d rather you fall face first into the mud.

Totally amazing. This guy just lost 10,000 readers with one article… I am not one of them. From time to time desperate newspaper promoters in railway stations wave their crap at me which I always use as an opportunity to deride them publically. Big fun.

Well I do check the website of Die WELT but I use an adblocker so the crazy person doesn’t earn a dime from me…

In Austria, France and Sweden , newspapers are already kept alive with tax payer money infusions. This will soon come to Germany: They are dying at a rate of 7% of the circulation per year and the online revenue is crumbs compared to printed paper profits.

This all looks like an electroshock therapy for the German establishment. They are literally shaking now. VICTORY!


One thought on “German MSM Starts Open Culturally Marxist Offensive”

  1. Good news that they are tanking like their American counterparts. Like you, I don’t pay money for those rags. Unlike you, I don’t get free samples to remind me why I stopped bothering with them. So, thanks for the insight into just how utterly lost they are in the alternate reality they are trying to sell us. Serves them right, too!


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