Feminist Womansplains #KILLALLMEN

You might have heard about the Twitter campaign #KILLALLMEN which promotes the gendercide of men.

At least one feminist claims that it is all jolly good fun. Like saying to your spouse, next time you ruin one of my shirts I’ll smash in your teeth and drown you in the toilet.

That video earned her a lousy few thousand clicks but her great dead-serious impression was copy-pasted for fair use by all kinds of MEN who commented on it and made millions of clics. Like this fellow. He clearly sees the humorous side of things that’s why I picked him.

Others have taken her more seriously and it all went viral. Not her video, the comment videos did. Now she’s complaining but nobody hears her because she’s got no followers.

BTW I didn’t find Watson or Milo’s stuff about this, I looked for it. Maybe they took it down, I don’t know. She doesn’t provide a link.

So it took 7 months for her best genocidal impression to explode all over the Internet, she’s a star now, didn’t make a dime of it, and says herself, damn, I gotta stop this while I can. (Too late honey.)

Given that in her own words, #KILLALLMEN was TROLLING from the beginning, we can say:

TROLLING is war. Don’t start one if you don’t know how to handle it.

All in all, this is just awesome in every regard.

Filed under madness AND stupidity for obvious reasons.



2 thoughts on “Feminist Womansplains #KILLALLMEN”

    1. What I find interesting is the sequence TROLLING (#KILLALLMEN) – Countertrolling (taking video snippets out of content and getting all excited about it) – and the outrage by the #KILLALLMEN-feminists that someone would do something as lowly as misinterpreting them.
      It’s a pattern we constantly see in the “political” exchange. It’s a useful technique for short term publicity.

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