1000 Years Added To History

Following the ideas of Anatoly Fomenko, here’s a video claiming that year numbers on historic document have been misinterpreted. The claim is that authors indicated “AD” with a small “i” for “Iesus” before the year number. So “i651” became “1651”.

Video mentions tons of skeptics of official chronology  which goes back to Joseph Scaliger, member of a rich Italian dynasty.

Fomenko got his idea for radical rewrite of chronology to explain a mysterious jump in the lunar acceleration parameter D”.

Things to look into: An epidemic of book-burning separating us from antiquity – looks like all kinds of ancient libraries got targeted from Egypt to the Celts…

Oh and look here.

“”Sabbatai Zevi enthroned” (image from the Amsterdam/Jewish publication Tikkun, Amsterdam, 1666).” at:

wikipedia about Sabbatai_Zevi

Subtracting 1000 gives us the year 666 for the enthronement of Sabbatai Zevi. I’m sure that’s a coincidence. Not that I believe in a significance of the number 666 but I guess Kabalists do very much so.





6 thoughts on “1000 Years Added To History”

  1. Hm, wondering how does one reconcile the time of Justinian, when in 555 the Byzantine empire extend covered most of the roman empire, with the loss of Constantinople in 1453 to the turks? This would disappear the whole Byzantine history?


    1. Fomenko speculates that whole dynasties gave themselves invented histories copied from existing history – e.g. he claims that the rulers of the Hapsburg dynasty are “copies” of Roman Emperors. So we would have to eliminate such duplicates. I have yet to find more of his suggestions in English or German, he seems to be selling lots of books in Russia. Which doesn’t help me.

      One of my ideas is that the Tora / Old Testament might be another such fabrication cobbled together from myths they got their hand on in Babylon to lend credence to the Israelites claim to Canaan or some such purpose. It is known that Genesis contains a shortened version of the Gilgamesh creation myth for instance. And look at the plot holes:
      -Jahwe tells the Israelites, Do not kill.
      -Next he tells them, murder all the Canaanites.
      Sounds exactly like a Hollywood plot.

      We know that modern history is routinely forged. It should be expected that this is a very old technique.


      1. Also, this has to be mentioned: Israelites were slaves in Egypt for 400 years (and multiplied from 70 to 600,000 men in that period or somesuch) – yet they didn’t see the pyramids or the Sphinx ONCE.
        The OT is the only travel journal of Egypt that omits the pyramids.


  2. I always wonder who is pushing what idea and why. This is the “cui bono” [for whose benefit?] idea supporting skepticism.

    For example, in the USA there seems to be a shadowy connection (that is, funding) between the highest-order proponents of a vegan diet and those promoting the “animals have rights” (including, it is inappropriate to own any animals) theme.

    In the Levant (eastern Mediterranean lands) there are many conflicting things.


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