AfD Uses Milo Tactics, Successfully Trolls The Left

At Magdeburg University, AfD -German anti immigration anti EU party- got invited by AfD friendly student group to have a neurologist professor hold a lecture about the difference between the male and female brain.

The presernce of AfD members PLUS the intentional triggering of our beloved Genderists was sufficient to get them the expected visit by a screeching mass of leftists, generally being loud, until those got reinforcement by AntiFa which proceeded to become violent, injuring one AfD sympathizer (just a wound in the forehead), throwing fireworks, causing the fire alarm, and chasing the AfD people who fled into a saferoom behind the podium – the Leftists tried to smash the door – until police and firemen arrived.

Article at PI, photos, videos

Spectacular success for AfD, as Poggenburg, AfD leader there, noted to another guy, correctly so. Antifa has confirmed their violent image; system press had to cover it and was unable to twist the story against the obviously peaceful AfD and Identitarians who wer also present.

Hoping for more triggering!


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