India Cash Catastrophy: NWO Power Grab

A billion people, most of them without bank accounts, have been victimized by outlawing the government scrip they trusted on for their daily business. It was not a panicked policy mistake but a carefully planned experiment years in the making. So it might come to your country next. So beware. Timeline of events and actors involved in link below.

A Well-Kept Open Secret: Washington Is Behind India’s Brutal Experiment of Abolishing Most Cash (zerohedge/Washington’s Blog)

Actors behind it:

  • Bill Gates
  • Visa etc.

Goal: Total Surveillance over all transactions, total power over the economy of a different country. (“cashless society”)

By forcing all countries into a centralized cashless system, total centralization of power becomes a reality: The goal of certain people for probably about 2500 years. Also known as NWO or NOVO ORDO SECLORUM. As we see, the USA in the centre of it.

These people have for the same time assured everyone that their dominion over us will usher in the Kingdom Of God and Eternal Peace (it will also mean they own all the Gold, Silver and Diamonds in the world, which they feel entitled to as just payment for the difficult task of ruling over us.).

I have met high IQ people in Germany assuring me they would love a cashless society. this led me to the following observation:

It is easier to sell  a lie to an intelligent person than to a stupid person. A stupid person trusts his emotions more. And it is harder to fool someone’s emotion than to fool his logical thinking. The latter is easy, you start with an “Assuming that…”, overload him with 60 books of logical proofs and show him your computer analysis. It helps to have a PhD. At that point, the stupid person will smell a rat. The intelligent person will lose 5 years until he has discovered the plotholes in the books and another 20 until he has convinced other people of it.

Intelligent persons are often pretty honest. They see this amazing mountain of work presented to them and just never assume that it is a carefully crafted pile of horse manure made explicitly to delude them.

So: A cashless society is to enslave you and your country. Pay cash wherever you can and raise a stink when people reject your paper. I mean RAISE A STINK. IN PUBLIC.

That said, yes I know that Iran, North Korea and the CIA are great producers of finest quality USD bills. And probably Euros too. That’s why you get newly designed bills all the time.

And to US citizens who say, but we’ll be the ones doing the enslaving: No you’re not. Trust me on that one.


One thought on “India Cash Catastrophy: NWO Power Grab”

  1. Yes, they’re at it here, too. So we, the citizens of the US will not escape the Beast, either. Cash is good. As long as I can get cash, I can live with paper, whether electronic paper or not. Hmm, maybe that’s why TPTB want to take away every human’s inherent right to self-defense, with firearms, if necessary.


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