4chan Pranks CIA-Clinton Machine

Glory, Glory! 4chan pranksters write fake report claiming that Trump had Russian prostitutes piss on bed Obama slept in -because that gives him a hard-on apparently-; send it to a MI6 guy who thinks it’s real, forwards it to CIA, and now, months later it appears in the CIA’s smear report!

Your tax Dollars at work:


Fake News Machine “Western MSM” all have fallen for it, the German ones kinda omit the RIDICULOUS details, only talk of Trump and prostitutes and Trump being blackmailed by Russia… the Western Fake News machine operates by making it all sound ominous so nobody sees the hilarity of the crap the CIA takes for real.

Example for such professional journalism fakery, German

from one of our “reputable” news sites.


Never give a MSM journalist a dime!


4 thoughts on “4chan Pranks CIA-Clinton Machine”

  1. Dirk. What do you know about Udo Ulfkotte? I just heard about him today.

    One of the ideas is that fake news is given to overseas puppets, and then it can be reported here. They do that because they aren’t allowed to manipulate our news. There were other reasons they are alleged to do it, but I don’t have enough info to form an opinion on them. What can be said, I think, is that the world’s “leaders” and their “intelligence” agencies have made a fine mess of things.


    1. Well Ulfkotte worked for the major MSM newspapers and a few years ago broke ranks, writing many bestsellers criticizing and exposing the MSM system and predicting all the problems mass immigration would cause.
      He was at Kopp Verlag, major non mainstream publisher.


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