Warmunist Oligarch Grantham Gets His Ass Kicked

Fun fact: Ultra warmunist oligarch creep GRANTHAM got his ass kicked:

Loses a third of capital under his management.

GRANTHAM is an arch-Malthusian, peak oiler, and warmunist.
GRANTHAM is also the person who pays this warmunist attack dog.
Bob Ward

who has in the past viciously attacked people like Anthony Watts.

The goal of “philantropic” warmunist oligarchs like GRANTHAM or this Virgin founder, whatshisname, BRANSON (with his CARBON WAR ROOM), is to have state control over all energy production – which they can then use to their advantage through bribery, pay for play and their usual contacts into the inner circles of power.

Oh and the reason for their philantropy via tax free foundations is that they don’t want to pay taxes. Laws are for the little people. The West has become entirely corrupted by people like these.


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