The Rise Of Kek / The Metaphysics Of Pepe


The “Left” has called everyone racist, mysoginist, homophobic, antisemitic, islamophobic to shut them up. This has given rise to the use of Pepe Memes to trigger and bait them into their screeching frenzy. Here’s an analysis by Jordan Peterson and others.

Some more connections:

  • The screeching concert by the “Left” is of course the application of Adorno’s CRITICAL THEORY (which is NOT a theory but the prescription for exactly the nonstop screeching we hear from the “Left”: They are doing as they are told by Adorno/Markuse multiplicators at the universities.)
  • This has SUMMONED Kek. I mean you thought an anti-rational concert of chaos would NOT summon the God of Chaos?
  • The Critical Theory concert was always anti-rational as it is devoid of inner logic. (e.g. rights for homosexuals contradict rights for Muslims to implement their ideas)
  • Alinsky put it this way : Don’t use facts, the facts are on the side of the enemy.
  • American students pay 100,000 USD to learn how to scream like toddlers. Way to go, idiots.



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