George Lucas : Ayn Randian Hero

I recently gave a certain praise to George Lucas’ vision (here) – fully understanding that he’s a cunning businessman. Here’s a four minute video of him talking

about his experiences with the Hollywood system – and how he got raped by them twice and decided to not accept it a third time…

He mentions THX1138, his first major film. It is a dystopian micture of Brave New World and The Penultimate truth in which a psychopharmaka-controlled worker breaks free from mind control and escapes an industrial underworld. Looks like it’s filmed in a mall, action sequence at the end is a motorbike / car chase in an underpass. Quite nicely made  for the early 70ies.

Interesting twist was that the surveillance regime drops the chase due to cost overrun and recalls their cops, giving the hero his successful escape at the end of the movie.

It’s a very minimalistic movie with a kind of anti-NWO message. I saw it in the 1970ies on German state TV and it was one of the reasons to watch Lucas’ later Star Wars in the cinema.

Side Note: Ur-Fabian-socialist BBC couldn’t help themselves but make a 3 hour movie endorsing Huxley’s Brave New World:

(Correction: This is in fact an American production by Universal Television from 1980: Brave New World, 1980)


Aldous Huxley was the mind-control-through-drugs visionary brother of the UN apparatshik Julian Huxley, both offspring of the eugenicist billionaire Darwin-Huxley-Keynes clan, and both NWO-Globalist to the bone. Huxley was kind of the precursor to the drug prophet Leary. As pure materialists, these people thought they had it all figured out with their proposed chemical control of the masses for world dictatorship. Brave New World is a similar “spilling the beans” creed like Shape Of Things To Come by the Fabian Socialist H G Wells ABOUT the real plans of the Fabians: Not so much a critique but a cash grab – hey why not TELL the proles what we’ll do to them and make money by telling them.

In the case of Wells, he had a ruinously expensive lifestyle and constantly needed new money so he turned anything he came across into a SF bestseller. Another very creepy book in which he describes a world socialism is his moon-insect novel  The First Men In The Moon: The insect civilisation of the moon is a centralized socialist state with no freedom for any of the insects and is described in glowing terms by the professor in the book as he is abducted and transported to the insect Queen in radio messages to the outside world. Then contact breaks up and that’s the end of the book.



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