Tech Tip: How To Find Blog Comments And Such Using Ordinary Google

So you remember somebody said something remarkably funny, like

“a single day at a university would show you, how things work in the real world.”

(source at notrickszone)

and you still remember on which site it was but that site has no search function.

Enter whatever you remember of it in google as usual, and if you are sure a sub-sequence or the entire sequence must occur exactly as you remember it, you may additionally enclose it in rabbit’s ears like “a single day” and  in the end you add a @website.url ; in this case,

And, Google needs a bit of time to update its index, so searching for a comment five minutes after it’s been made won’t work but a few hours might already do the trick.

So a query might look like

“a single day” university real world

Let’s test it.

click to test my query

Oh and the guy who said that is “sod”, our resident warmunist fanboy at . He’s a German from the Freiburg area – which is the hottest place in Germany, so all the people down there think it’s their fault that it’s so hot – so they’re all fanatic believers in man-made Global Warming. Of course it has ALWAYS been the hottest place… due to relatively high insolation, its southern latitude, and the fact it’s low-lying in the Rhine valley… Well. You just can’t concentrate properly when it’s so hot, who’s gonna blame the poor… sods. (“Sod” BTW seems to not even know what his chosen nickname means in English.)

I found this enthusiastic believe in man-made Global Warming wherever I worked in the Rhine-Main valley area. Somebody’s gotta explain the Lapse Rate to them some day. Government education, ain’t it well-spent tax money.



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