2017 Will Be Awesome : TYT Hires Trans-Black

Anyone who followed The Young Turks in 2016 got a lot of fun for their popcorn.

Disclaimer: I can’t bear to watch them but I know people who do it for me.

2016’s meltdown detailed by Sargon: Freakout at RNC when meeting trolling Alex Jones; ending in spitfest; Anita Sarkesian’s holier-than-thou diatribes (briliant!); but…

the kicker: In 2017 they add Trans-Black Shaun King a.k.a. Talcum X to the roaster! Yes the white guy who posed as black as a Black Lives Matter leader! Remember, race is a social construct; when they ask for your race they ask what race you identify as! And Race Disphoria (being a black dude born into a white body for instance) is no longer a mental illness, it is cheaply acquired pseudo-victimhood, nearly as good as the real deal!

Raging Golden Eagle about it (and some other pretty funny stuff):

I wonder, if I’m a Syrian born into a German body, do I get free stuff in Germany? Given the collapse of all statist order here quite likely.

It’s midnight here, I gotta go outside grab a white girl by the pussy, excuse me, happy New Year!


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