Why The Left Loves Muslims

Somebody disputed that in a comment on another blog. But it is visible in all countries ruled by the Left that it is the case. And the reason is very simple.

  • Communism and all other historic forms of Leftism always use the Poor as the battering ram to destroy the existing society to gain the power.
  • Due to the productivity of capitalist societies they ran out of Poor in the West.
  • So they developed Cultural Marxism which seeks to replace the Poor with any other “victim” group.
  • Be it homosexuals, sexual deviants of all kinds, people of different skin color, different language, leftover women (the married ones are not interested – they got their resources thank you very much), and immigrants.
  • I do not want to imply that the members of these groups AGREE with being used by the Left. The Left will not ask for permission though and if necessary simply install a front group pretending to represent any group they want to use.

The Left does NOT care what any one of these groups believes or craves. They are NOT in the business of logical argument. If you can lure them on the battlefield of arguments, fine, destroy them ( Thomas Sowell has suggestions that make it very easy); but; you will usually not find them there. As Alinsky said, don’t use facts, the facts are on the side of the enemy.

So the Left has absolutely NO problem telling Christians they should abandon their religion and retreat from all public spaces while at the same time demanding more rooms for Mosques and prayer rooms for Muslims and whatnot. Could just as well be Wiccans for all THEY care. The ONLY property that the Left wants to use is the victim status of their protegee groups.If you meet a Leftist who actually thinks about the beliefs of the groups he uses in his quest for power, you have a deeply conflicted person who will be ineffectual for the Left’s war on civilisation; and who WILL become a defector.


One thought on “Why The Left Loves Muslims”

  1. I totally agree with this. Adding to this Muslim emigrants are mostly from the low working class so they can be used in the west for economical reasons. But now the west has just started to see the dangerous ideology of those. I don’t understand the flexibility of the western authorities regarding the brain washed among the emigrants, like the truck driver and his entourage. They should be kicked out simply!


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