Fun Fact: US Universities Employ Communists Who Advocate For White Genocide

That a communist advocates for the killing off of the intelligent in the population is no surprise. Because that’s what they did in the USSR, in Mao’s China, and in Cambodia.

The concept is known as Klassenkampf or Class Struggle. Notice that the German word Kampf means Fight; not “polite exchange of ideas”.

As Marx and Engels were avid fans and readers of Darwin, and Natural Selection the means with which they wanted to cultivate the New Man, culling the CITIZENRY – which is the english word for the French “Bourgeousie” or the German “Bürgertum” – as we observed in precise detail in Cambodia – is what they want. In China this was done in many stages, one of them the “Culture Revolution”. In Soviet Russia, most prominently “The Purge”.

I honestly thank this employee of Drexel University, Philadelphia, to openly express this well-known concept that today’s communist like to keep under wraps.


Because otherwise people would send their kids to some university, even pay for it, without knowing that old Marxist genocide ideas are being taught to the kids.

Let the free market decide about the fate of universitys that teach anti-white racism (but really, it’s not so much anti-white as it is against the intelligent, as the examples Mao and Pol Pot show. Whites just happen to be the target in the USA as they are the dominant intelligent class over there.)

The communist leaders themselves are of course intelligent themselves: Trotski and his 300 thugs from NYC that overthrew the Russian reform government and established Bolshevism  were mostly or entirely Ashkenazi Jews; Pol Pot and his gang studied at that old Paris university; the Sorbonne, before being transplanted to Cambodia to destroy the Cambodian society. I think the Khmer Rouge leaders had some great press in the  West as heroes of the anti colonialism movements of the 60ies. You know, cool dudes with pistols and sun glasses; revolutionary heroes of the lunatic Hippie movement which seamlessly slid into Maoism in the West in the 1970ies.

Wiping out the citizenry is simply about wiping out any competition. Kastro and Guevara deserve honorable mention.

After the first photos of victims of Khmer Rouge used as beasts of burdens surfaced, leftist god Noam Chomsky defended the Khmer Rouge regime, saying they would so suffer from Western oppression that they unfortunately had no choice but strapping their own people into harnesses.

So much for Noam Chomsky: He is a communist, plain and simple, and will defend communist crimes any way he can.

What’s the numeric extent of a typical genocide of the intelligent after communists come to power?

30%. BTW they kill mostly males, that’s why the population quickly recovers. Communist genocide is also always gendercide: The Communist writers have never given an explanation – males simply kill off competing males, it’s the natural thing to do – women are no threat anyway. Women are raped, not killed.

P.S.: zerohedge chimes in, adding honorary mention of white-genocidalist  Noel Ignatiev (wikipedia). This guy is a WONDERFUL posterchild for a Marxist! Even in the sanitized wikipedia! How did that come about? Maybe the blockwarts didn’t come around out purging the page. infogalactic has the same text for now it seems.

Oh and Ignatiev says, don’t worry,when I promote white genocide I do not actually want to kill you! Yeah trust that guy, he’s got such an honest face.

Does he also promote the extermination of Jews (as a social construct of course)?

HELL NO! He LOVES the social construct of Jews as a special group! From the above pages:

From 1986 until 1992, Ignatiev served as a tutor (academic advisor) for Dunster House at Harvard University. In early 1992, Ignatiev objected to the University’s purchase of a toaster oven for the Dunster House dining hall that would be designated for kosher use only. He insisted that cooking utensils with restricted use should be paid for by private funds. In a letter to the Harvard student newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, Ignatiev wrote that “I regard anti-Semitism, like all forms of religious, ethnic and racial bigotry, as a crime against humanity and whoever calls me an anti-Semite will face a libel suit.”[9]

What? Now he says he regards all forms of racial bigotry as a crime against humanity? After calling for the genocide of the white race? I guess for a Marxist it’s all about winning.



10 thoughts on “Fun Fact: US Universities Employ Communists Who Advocate For White Genocide”

  1. But I don’t recall Marx calling for a genocide. Not that I am a Marxist myself, but I think Trotsky, Lenin and Co transformed Marx philosophy the way they wanted to. Since then, communism and Marxism had become something bad politically, like you just wrote, advocating for crimes etc. Unfortunately, I don’t understand how people admire racism and crimes. And on the other hand, I don’t understand why people keep on promoting a human hierarchy, an idea inherited by the nazis, except for one detail: why killing blacks might sound ok, killing a Muslim is maybe perceived as a self defense, but insulting a jew is considered as the ultimate crime!.


    1. Killing blacks is NOT ok. Killing a muslim IS self-defense if said muslim is trying to kill you. Your last line…. I don’t even get your last line. Nor do I even begin to understand where your thinking is coming from.

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      1. My point is humans don’t have the same value unfortunately. Their value is given from they come from! And this is what we see in the media: a European killed is more important than me being killed because I come from the middle east!


      2. Maylyn, re the difference between killing Blacks, Muslims, or insulting Jews, well we all know that 95% of the MSM are owned by Jews and have been for some time, so, don’t confuse the MSM with a moral viewpoint. They just defend their owners.


    2. Creating utopia by killing off the malcontents is a very old concept. Before Marx, it was practiced in France:

      So. Marx and Darwin. Notice first that Darwin ONLY talks about SELECTION. Not Mutation, he didn’t know that. He says, SELECTION produces the species.
      “A month later on the 16 January, 1861 he [MARX] wrote to Lassalle in similar terms:

      “Darwin’s work is most important and suits my purpose in that it provides a basis in natural science for the historical class struggle.”

      So what he is saying here to the founder of the social-democrats – which are JUST MARXISTS under a different name – is: Klassenkampf is Selection.

      I had a better article but can’t find the link, but this one is even better because the socialists themselves document it.

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  2. ‘95% of the MSM are owned by Jews and have been for some time, so, don’t confuse the MSM with a moral viewpoint. They just defend their owners.’

    Considering the hatred spewed at Jews and Israel by the MSM and everyone they believe in, that line makes even less sense than maylynnos.


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