Pond Scum God Makes Everything Better! Oh Wait…

The creed of the evolutionist is that the blind creator god Evolution – which I love to call the Pond Scum god – and which is of course a re-iteration of the DemiUrge of the gnostics – automatically makes everything better.

Well so does it?

NOPE. (Daily Mail: IQ Over Time. Chart.)

“Are we becoming more STUPID? IQ scores are decreasing – and some experts argue it’s because humans have reached their intellectual peak”

Which should surprise nobody after all intelligent people are known to have less offspring than stupid people. And, every one of us gives 100 new mutations to each child – most of them neutral or slightly to catastrophically negative. According to Dr. Sanford and every population geneticist.

Things to look for:

  • Find population growth charts by continent. Humanity without Africa is barely growing. Practically all population growth happens in low-IQ Africa.
  • Google-image search “IQ Over Time”. Many more charts and links to papers there.

Another thought about the Pond Scum god Evolution: Dawkins, its primary apostle, posits that we are just carriers of selfish genes whose objective it is to replicate. Well fine. So WHY would a genome prefer to reside in an ultracomplex cell colony called a human which is infinitely complex to run, barely reproduces EVER, instead of simply controlling an algae that reproduces once every 30 minutes? While requiring far less genome per cell?

The existence of humans is under Dawkins’ premise such a ridiculously useless idea that our existence in the evolutionists’ Weltanschauung makes no sense at all. So genes “evolved” into a barely viable situation after already having figured out how to replicate extremely fast? Really? I thought natural selection and mutation OPTIMIZE their solution instead of worsening it?

In the evolutionist mindset, ALL complex lifeforms are useless accidents.

Another datapoint for

Down, Not Up.

So why do we even exist? Hell if I know. Divine intervention or Space Gods.


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