American Humanist Association Demands End To Christmas Gifts For Children Victimized By Obama’s Terror War

“Humanism” is of course the Worship Of The Blind Crazy Creator God of atheism: The Pond Scum God known as Evolution. And that god demands Natural Selection.

So it is perfectly in character with “Humanists” that they demand a stop to sending toothbrushes as Christmas gifts to children who have been victimized in the eternal terror war of the Obama administration waged all over the Middle East.


Atheist group the American Humanist Association (AHA) is demanding a stop to public school children participating in nonprofit Operation Christmas Child, which collects shoe boxes filled with toys, school supplies, toothpaste, and soap for needy children.

And yes, of course without Obama and the power complex behind him there would not have been a 4 year terror campaign against the Syrian population. The German government is part of this and will have to be ousted now that the Terror War has collapsed in Aleppo.

Thanks to the American People for ousting the Terror Party! Merry Christmas!

What’s the deal with the German govt and the EU Kommissars being supportive of Obama’s terror war you ask? Well the EU wants that gas pipeline from Qatar through Syria to Turkey – to have a cheaper source of gas. That’s about the entire reason. And yes: gas pipelines transport so mind-boggingly much energy that they are THAT important. Currently the NatGas is liquefied in Qatar and shipped to the EU in LNG tankers – losing 30% of the energy due to the cost of the cooling process necessary.

Oh and is it really Obama’s Terror War? Is the Democrat Party really the Terror Party? Well sure. They always supported the “moderate Syrian opposition” with money, weapons and SOCOM forces. And that’s simply another name for AL NUSRA, ISIS and whatever you wanna call them. whether one group in Syria sells the weapons to another, loses them to another or just switches sides as needed by USA leadership is only a technical detail. The terror-supporting Western media want us to obsess over the names of the terror groups. That is irrelevant.

Notice that this terror front collapses right now, right as Obama loses power. A coincidence? I don’t think so.

The attempt of ousting Assad with a proxy-terror-war has failed. It is being rolled back now. The America Firsters have won. Their candidate is Trump. It’s a big fat YOU’RE FIRED to the Terror Faction in the US Deep State. REJOYCE!


2 thoughts on “American Humanist Association Demands End To Christmas Gifts For Children Victimized By Obama’s Terror War”

  1. Totally missed this “pack a shoe box” thing. So, looking I found a link to a Canada site.
    There I found this (in Red): NO CANDY IN CANADIAN SHOEBOXES
    And you can “pack a shoe box on line” for only $37. I’ll repeat that: $37.

    Please, do not send a child, or me, a big box of soap and toothpaste and no chocolate.
    I suggest this project needs audited.

    Other than that, I agree.


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