Remarkably Insane Leftist

Leftist ex social worker goes so barking mad he kills a delivery guy and claims he just killed Donald Trump. And is proud of it.


I think AnonymousConservative is right: Their brains create a dream world for them because they learned that truth hurts and they don’t want to be hurt.

Can we exploit that? Yes. We can deduce that people like the CDU Merkel government will actually prefer to believe the lies in the media. Probably Maduro in Venezuela actually believes that his socialism is turning to shit because the USA sabotages it.

And while we are talking of Merkel, her buddy Clinton probably actually believed she was going to win. And probably her CIA buddies believed it as well.

This kind of a brain is a very bad asset to have for an Intelligence Agency.

So – Hillary is down, Merkel, Maduro and the CIA are still holding on. And they are all insane. And they’re going down. This will be fun to watch.



5 thoughts on “Remarkably Insane Leftist”

  1. At the site where I post my skeptic climate arguments, Deviantart, one person I watch recently posted a journal in which he stated that his liberal sister-in-law believes that Trump will be sending out drones to put bullets in the heads of people like herself. She’s very scared……. I will not be surprised if there is a rash of suicides on January 201th.


    1. You know what? The Left believes in No God; in No Meaning of Life, or they believe in the Plan Of The Crazy Blind Pond Scum DemiUrge : Evolution. They believe that the purpose of every lifeform is only to multiply its gene. They believe in no soul. They believe consciousness is an illusion.

      Yet all this bleak hopelessness of their lifes never gives them a reason to stop and think for a moment.

      They despair about a Golf course operator. Who is out to get them.


    2. Oh and tell that girl that Trump will not have the drones shoot her. The drones will fire tiny ice flechet projectiles laced with pharmaceuticals so that everybody will become an obedient mind controlled slave of Trump’s regime. And there’ll be nice shiny black uniforms and such.


  2. I wonder how crazier the world would get. Believing media lies, sending own kids to blow themselves, a driver smashing his truck on people etc… and the rest of the world is on global mannequin challenge!


    1. Oh, Maylyn, despair not.
      the world is doing pretty well at the moment! Think about it. Trump has reversed SO MANY destructive tendencies or at least he is actually TRYING to, it’s a huge sign of hope! Behold: The collapse of the terror war in Aleppo !!!! This a few days after Obama was ousted!

      All of Obama’s Crazy Murderers are now running on borrowed time. Their lifeline is cut, US SOCOM cometh no more to bring them resupply.

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