After Berlin Terror Attack, 12 Dead, Usual Ritual

As it’s all over the news just a quick follow-up rant…

Hi, I’m BACK, botched my Internet connection yesterday…

As to the denial machine in Germany, SPIEGEL at the front of it, I spare you the article, who still cares -the usual drivel: why we are so strong, we must now be so tolerant of Muslims because the terrorists want us to not be (hmmm, STILL too lazy to read the Quran esp. Sura 9 to finally understand the strategy, tactics and goals of the STATE IDEOLOGY Islam? Yeah I thought so), we have strong state institutions (No – we actually don’t – we have greedy leeches who can’t think straight like an entire government of Obamas) -, this – the CIA-Clinton-CDU border abolition Globalism movement – the CCC – looks more and more like a suicide cult so this link is a perfect description.
And! NEW! For the first time ever, the shiny color lightshow at the Brandenburg Gate will throw German colors at it!
The rituals of the brain-damaged people in charge of the German state are bizarre and despicable. Well everybody in the CCC seems to be brain damaged, Clinton sure is, Parkinson counts, right? Hey a drooling US prez with jerky motions and brain freezes, kind of a Darth Vader, that would have been kinda cool.

Also in the news: You too can now be knocked unconsciousness by an imported Muslim man and wake up in a different spot because he dragged you into the bushes to rape you while you where unconsciousness! All you have to do is JOG through a West German INNER CITY PARK. It helps to be female though I’m not sure that still matters. Just happened in Munich. Munich is famous for its tough approach. Somehow I think such a case in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne wouldn’t even make it in the news.

One CDU arsehole, BOUILLON, minister of the Interior in Saarland, says “we are at war”. Yes you punk; I told your fucking party since SEPT 2015 in countless e-mails, did you finally get around reading one of them? And it’s a war declared by your gang of traitors on the German People because you brought the terrorists here by abolishing the borders.

That same punk BOUILLON last year told everyone, 3500 km of German borders is far too much to be controlled or secured. Yeah, you belong in a padded room or preferrably in a tiny cage for the rest of your life together with the rest of your Islamisation party.

The CDU CAUSED the problem and now wants to profit from it by talking tough while doing nothing as usual except for plundering us through the highest taxation ever. They all ought to be tarred and feathered and driven out of town, preferrably into an Islamic country because they continue to tell us how Muslims are so peaceful. Go to Somalia, they have no government, you can apply for the job and you’ll like all the peaceful Muslims around you.

Well anyway. At this rate we’ll get rid of the CDU government in no time at all.



2 thoughts on “After Berlin Terror Attack, 12 Dead, Usual Ritual”

  1. I even found an article that says, we published this exact same text after the Paris Charlie Hebdo massacre in 2015 but it’s so great we republish it for the Berlin massacre.

    The article is a piece of shit demanding that the defenseless European rabbit-GUTMENSCHEN reclaim the public space in their cities, which have been populated by terrorists, thieves and rapists by the ruling parties of the EU…
    Yeah that worked so well after the charlie Hebdo massacre let’s just do it again!

    Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results… The GUTMENSCHEN movement selects for stupidity (like US SJWs): the smarter ones are leaving. Doesn’t take THAT much of a brain to realize the futility; nobody wants to be associated with a movement of obvious morons.

    This also means that as the GUTMENSCHEN movement shrinks it will bevome more stupid. Yes. Even more stupid.


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