Devolution As Exemplified By The Star Wars Industry

Star Wars never was anything but a bunch of stolen goods but the Force Awakens makes George Lucas look like a genius in retrospect for what he cobbled together on a shoestring budget in 1976.

The details.

So even though that new Star Wars monstrosity is a shoddy worthless piece of crap it made what, 2 billion Dollars? So this proves

  • Even those highly payed scriptwriters have degenerated in one human generation by about 30 IQ points
  • They re-used ALL THE OLD storyboards.
  • And cobbled them together without linking anything with logic.
  • Worldwide audience’s IQ has devolved so much that they run into this movie not even NOTICING the lack of any logic, story, or coherence.
  • This audience is the same audience that gets fed the current incoherent nonsense of Western Propaganda.
  • Like: ISIS bad, Al Nusra good (even though they’re the SAME people, SAME weapons, SAME backers, SAME goals)

So we have a 2billion USD heavy BIG FAT datapoint showing the devolution of the Human genus over one generation which should surprise NOBODY.

For the record I *DID* enjoy Star Wars in 1976 because it was the FIRST science fiction movie that had *ANY* action and I liked the material it was stolen from.




2 thoughts on “Devolution As Exemplified By The Star Wars Industry”

  1. “The Force Awakens” grossed $529 million the first weekend.
    The new one, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” was on track to sell $155 million. Still a lot of money.

    I’d rather read than watch movies, so have no knowledge of any of this. They are Walt Disney Co. films and this is a big company. Therefore, I suspect that a retirement fund may do better if these movies do well. Thus, there is a slight transfer of wealth toward us when folks spend their money on tickets and related gear.

    Stealing movie concepts is not new: “The Magnificent Seven” is a western remake of Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 Japanese “Seven Samurai.” I did see “The Magnificent Seven” on its 2nd or 3rd trip through the theaters.


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