How the DNC’s Podesta Was Hacked

He got a mail by a phisher that was made to look like a Gmail warning e-mail urging him to chg his password; but redirecting him to a password capture page via a forged link.

Pretty stupid right? Well Podesta asked his IT guy – who assured him he should follow the instructions – but gave him the CORRECT link to gmail password services.

Poor confused Podesta though used the link provided by the Phisher…

Source: SLATE

(the article wastes a lot of time putting blame on the IT guy. Only blame *I* would put on him is, he should have explained much more in his e-mail. As the IT guy, ALWAYS assume your client knows NOTHING and does EVERYTHING wrong.)


And that’s how we learned about Spirit Cooking, several Shit Artists beloved by the Podesta brothers, their perverted “art” (dare it and google-image “Podesta Art” but don’t say I didn’t warn ya) and much much more… (google image “Podesta McCann”).


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