Casa Pia Case, Portugal, And Other Pedophile Rings

Some interesting info collected by Sargon.


Casa Pia Pedo ring was busted in 2004.

Madeleine McCann disappeared, also in Portugal,  in 2007 so the perps are still at large.

Due to the vicious nature of German judicial system I shall refrain from providing a link but google-image “Podesta McCann” to see the uncanny resemblance of police sketches of the perps to the mugs of the Podesta brothers.

Portugal is a wonderful country yet people there seem crazy. They’re as communist as the Khmer Rouge and crazy crap is going on. They had a full scale communist revolution in 1971 or so with expropriation of business owners… Might go over the brink anytime again now given the fracturing of the EU. Total basketcase. Lots of Muslim Moroccan drug dealers coming over peddling their wares on the street, personal experience. Moroccan Guy offered me a kilogram of Marihuana to smuggle it to Germany when I was there as a tourist, and that was in 1996. In front of all the locals who didn’t like his presence one bit. I declined the offer.



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