BBC Wants To Convince Primary School Children Of The Benefits Of Self-Mutilation

The Fabian Socialists at the BBC in their quest to create the New Man are broadcasting a program aimed at small children trying to convince them that they need self-mutilation: i.e. have their genitals mutilated.

The many attempts of the Left throughout history of full scale genocide, class genocide, wiping out the intelligent, and now this onslaught on children, all point to a brain defect.

Public Information Announcement Break:

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

As to the history of mutilating children by Leftist, see one of the fathers of genderism:

John Money, Child Mutilator,liar, confabulist and crackpot extraordinaire

(yet sailing through the allegedly self-correcting peer review system like a charm)

Notice how very politely the wikipedia Bolsheviki (wait, there’s a “wiki” in Bolsheviki… hmm….) call it a “controversy”… Wait, you mean it’s controversial now to mutilate children?

The problem with the leftist human-hating monsters is that too few of them get held accountable.

Also, the creation of the New Man by any means possible is just the attempt to create incapacitated, docile, stupid slaves.


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