Come To Berlin! If Baltimore Bores You!


Surveillance video of young woman being jumped on the stairs of a metro station leaked, leading to the usual mad contortions of the German Lunatics State…

  • Woman survived. Found out a few days later she had a broken arm.
  • Some people just don’t know how to diagnose a broken arm. Talk about modern state education.
  • Attackers are obviously local Turks or Arabs. (fun loving media communists frantically deny that this is obvious from the video)
  • Just jumped her for fun and went on their merry ways.
  • They didn’t know her and didn’t have previous contact with her it seems. Just a random attack.

Now what does the state do NORMALLY in such a case.

  • Nothing, unless the woman goes to the police and sues.
  • If she does so within 48 hours of the attack, video can be retrieved.
  • Otherwise it’s GONE. Like DELETED.
  • Nobody looks at the video in realtime. It’s just stored for eventual after the fact investigations.
  • So when you see cameras in Germany: NOBODY IS ACTUALLY WATCHING YOU AND NOBODY WILL PRESS AN ALARM except for actual bystanders.

And what happens then NORMALLY , IF the police gets the video.

  • For nine months, NOTHING. Police pretends to try to identify someone.
  • After NINE MONTHS they publish pictures or video. Now anyone who still remembers something might consider reporting it to police.
  • The system is obviously designed this way to protect the criminals, let them walk free, repeating what they like to do best, while keeping politicians unaccountable for the flooding of the country with an Arab-African population that gives a crap for our laws.

So this happened in OCTOBER, a mere 2 months ago. Why so fast? Well some policeman probably leaked it to BILD, a normally spineless pro Islamisation newspaper but always eager to make a quick dime so they published it.

To not have a gargantuan amount of egg on their face, the courts then quickly authorized publication of the video, pretending they are SO eager to get the perps. Well it ALWAYS takes 9 months for them to release video so that’s obviously not the case. But most Germans do not know this systemic intentional delay of publication.

They are of course now investigating who leaked it and will punish the leaker if they get hold of him. We’ll see how organized the beginning resistance in the corrupt police apparatus is already.

Police and Courts and politicians have only ONE interest: To cover up the crime wave, catch nobody, and preferrably never hear about any of these cases – in order to keep the statistics clean and calmly continue the Umvolkung, the repopulation of Germany with an IQ 68 population from Somalia and similar places. As stated many times, I have no idea who pays them and it is of secondary importance – the important thing is to remove the ruling political caste and all its tentacles.

  • In the meantime: Do your vacation in Berlin! It’s the fun-loving drug capitol of the world and you might have some real violence to watch! Don’t forget to bring whatever you need to survive it! Or you won’t!
  • The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch the destruction of Berlin in realtime! You can be a part of it! STD’s included!
  • Also, go short German stocks, go short Euro: This country is going to islamic hell Lebanon-style!

Boring types like me live in a small town and commute to Munich where the most exciting part of life is walking through the main railway station which has, get this, security walking around with dogs that trace their ancestry directly back to Cerberus.

Those Bavarians are just total spoilfuns I tell ya.




7 thoughts on “Come To Berlin! If Baltimore Bores You!”

  1. Well I don’t know where to start. I honestly don’t know why the government is being so insouciant about what’s going on and it is shocking. As I was in Berlin in august, I saw unarmed policemen and my question was: if anything happens down the street how can they protect people? Somehow all this recklessness is done on purpose, which I still don’t see clearly what it could be. And funny that in Frankfurt airport, police only interrogated me, they asked me to show them the money i had in my wallet and my credit cards and answering dozen of questions, while islamists were passing by to their gates without being bothered by any policeman. Funny world isn’t it?!


  2. And I forgot to say that in Lebanon we are making tremendous efforts against islamisation, that is still less obvious than other Arab countries because we are mixed here and Christians still have a lot of power, although we are not very optimistic about the future. One last thing, as a philosophy teacher and alike all philosophy teachers/students, I love Germany, a pilgrimage land for philosophy lovers. Berlin is so charming! Couple of years ago, in Munich I saw some racism that I don’t see in Berlin!


    1. Well in hamburg and Berlin they fear SO much being labeled racist that they will be much nicer to any foreigner than to Germans. The saying is, I’ve been mugged more politely in New York City than I got served in berlin. that’s how a Berliner treats a German. Entirely true. Totally rule-obsessed fanatics. EXCEPT the rule breaker is a foreigner, then they fall all over themselves with their niceties. They’re pretty sick in the head, the Berliners. And they don’t notice it. I had clashes with berliners. You know I’m a bonehead. Doesn’t end well for them.


    1. Haven’t been there but, no remarkable crime or anything. It does have some industry so probably some Gastarbeiter, and it sure got its share of “refugees” as that is mandated by the central government, but, I hear no terrible things. Nuremberg and Munich, more crime. Berlin, Hamburg: So much that I can’t keep up, and neither can the papers.


  3. In the meatime, Police have due to the help of the public caught one of the 4 or 5 Muslims, interviewed him and RELEASED HIM saying he didn’t do anything. They are hopeful to get the “main attacker”.

    a) If they had been free to decide about release of the video by their own schedule, we would have seen it in MAY 2017 and probably nothing would have happened.
    b) They accuse the accomplice neither of being member of a criminal gang nor of neglect.
    c) Had this been 5 Germans of which one would have kicked a Muslim down the stairs the police would arrest all of them indefinitely, accuse them of forming a Nazi terror group, raid their homes, take all their stuff and spend literally ENDLESS amounts of manhours and resources to find as much dirt as they can.

    Do I sound like I want the idiot government, the idiot police and the idiot judicial system replaced?

    I sure hope so.


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