Young Turks. SOMEBODY Had To Ask Them EVENTUALLY.

Guy in audience asks Young Turks hosts (including Armenian Anna Kasparian) why exactly they named themselves after a genocidal political movement.

…which genocided Armenians. (and at the very same time Greek Christians in Lydia, but, only 100,000 of them died, most were evacuated to Greece by the Greek fleet).

Madness ensues quickly.

I would add a second question – why would an internationalist Globalist Leftist channel name themselves after a political movement that followed the ideas of Mazzini to form  ethnically homogenous nation states. Which sounds more Trumpish than it sounds leftish doesn’t it.

BTW Mazzini was enormously more well known in the 19th century than Karl Marx. Germany and Italy were formed following his ideas; with movements like Young Germany preparing the ideological ground for Bismarck’s later success in uniting the small kingdoms of Germany into a Reich – which stayed a federal state BTW; a Staatenbund – much like the USA. To this day this is echoed somewhat in the Bundesländer, though autonomy has mostly been carved away, maybe with the exception of Bavaria which proudly upholds its distinct character.


And the guy commenting the video is of course Sargon Of Akkad; don’t know who republished this and why.


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