The Zero-Growth Of The West

and its likely cause.

Breitbart has an interesting chart here: Percentage of children in USA earning more than their parents at the same age.

Breitbart: IRS Data

Now that looks like an exponential decay curve approaching the zero line.

As they say in the article, income inequality has risen while wage stagnation has engulfed the population, but it is not clear that income inequality is the CAUSE of the wage stagnation.

Germany of course has the same phenomenon. So I will just use my personal history to give my possible explanation. Like my father and my grandfather I work in a technical job of the day – during my grandfather’s age, tool maker was one of the highly skilled technical jobs and that’s what he did. Today I do the same but on the new leading edge, computer programming.

What’s different is that the government has used the past two generations to ever increase its share of our incomes while building palaces for themselves. Today the crookedness, immorality and stupidity of politicians is at all time highs together with the financial damage they cause.

I’ve said it again and again: You go into politics to cream off the surplus, you want to cream it ALL off, you want to perfect your harvesting of everything the population has produced. And I think that’s what we see in the IRS graph. They want us to be at exactly zero wage growth, maybe just a tad lower. That’s what a parasite wants.

That’s why kicking them in the ass and voting in an outsider like Trump is essential.


5 thoughts on “The Zero-Growth Of The West”

  1. I’m not sure the writers/researchers have got all the reasons right. My grandparents lived on a single family farm. My parents got off the land and had income-producing jobs. They had some training but not college degrees. My generation had more education with technical and college+ degrees. What’s next?
    For the majority of people this upward path has topped out.
    Others have found a way to move to a different level. Examples below.


      1. I noticed the lowest paid on that list is a judge on X Factor, whatever that is, and she makes $2,739 per day. A school board member, a neighbor, goes into a rant when he sees numbers of this sort, especially for sports people. This Kelly R. person makes more every 2 weeks than most teachers earn in a year.


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