Does ZAZZLE boycot Breitbart?

Readers. Check this. I’m looking for a big fat BREITBART sticker for my notebook back so I get German leftists on the train all riled up to get into conversations with them. So I looked at ZAZZLE, a merch company. To my surprise, no hits for Breitbart. Ha. What’s going on I asked myself.

So I thought, hey, what kind of leftist outfit should we look for here. Fox? Vox? NYT? WaPo? Okay, let’s look for Washington Post. Now as stupid as this sounds they DO have Washington Post merch. For the life of me I can’t imagine even a Leftist wearing that but there ya go.

But no breitbart. So it looks like the Silicon Valley version of Damnatio memoriae is in full swing at ZAZZLE. But, check it, maybe it’s because I’m in Germany and they don’t offer it here, I don’t know.

UPDATE: Zazzle Is Good. Turns out that does not know anything Breitbart; but does! Which I find wrong, after all, what self-respecting German uses German liar media. We are all using Feindsender all the time given the state of the media in Germany.


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