Boycot these German Companies

…if you like your First Amendment. Also, mail them. German Companies try to starve the beast of non-Leftist opinion.

Developing. Will add more info to this post as connectivity allows.

They either read about WaPo’s ProporNot promotion (PropOrNot being an anonymous group with unknown motives; their list a made up piece of crap) or they have followed the call of a Strategic Director of the German PR firm Scholz+Friends – German article:

who called for boycot of right wing news sites.

Notice that “Fake News” = non-Leftist news.


Hit’em in the wallet: Deutsche Telekom. BMW. Developing…

And troll them hard: Most employees of Breitbart are Jewish. Are these German companies antisemites? Or are they only fighting Jews that wander off the Communist Plantation? (Zionism is for those that don’t know, communistic – see the Kibbuzim. Where you wouldn’t even own your wife. Which is also Frankistic (following Jakup Frank, Shabbathei Zevi))



One thought on “Boycot these German Companies”

  1. The employee of the ad agency Scholz+Friends who called for the ad boycot of right wing websites has “voluntarily” quit the company. The company claims he called for the boycot in his free time so they dindunuffin.
    They also say they were inundated with hatemail and negativity for an entire week, incapaciting them.–Friends-144857

    Nevertheless I would expect the companies who followed the boycot call to continue boycoting right wing websites just to be on the safe side of German Regime political correctness. They will only make no noise about it.

    Well I guess it is their own problem to ignore customers.


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