Murder series in Freiburg

As is just making intl news, a “17 yr old” Muslim from Afghanistan was just arrested for the rape-murder of “Maria L”, a I think 20yr old woman in Freiburg in the deep south west of Germany.

Good wrap-up by zerohedge

Additional remarks:

  • Freiburg is fanatically Green-voting, craves Multiculturalism. Has Green mayor.
  • THis is likely because they are near Austria and near Switzerland so they think multiple cultures in the same place are awesome.
  • Of course, they are near two other GERMANIC countries… ouch.
  • Due to proximity to Switzerland, Freiburg is swamped with African immigrants who travel from Italy over Switzerland illegally.
  • There’s been a wave of gropings and muggings and the normally carefree Freiburg multiculti fanatics have already reduced swimming in the nearby lake at night or partying there. Too much African-style cultural representants now for that.
  • “University town”.
  • Victim is daughter of rich high ranking lawyer who works for the EU commission.
  • Victim was member of refugee-welcome-club. So probably working without pay helping “refugees”.
  • Came home at 3 a.m. from party of Medicine students on her bike, got raped and drowned.
  • Suspected murderer is “17 yr old” Afghan man, living as guest in a German family who probably gets 1200 EUR a month tax money for hosting him – this would be the normal arrangement.
  • So the victim was brainwashed into welcoming foreigners into her country that ended up killing her. Her father, as a lawyer for the EU commission, is probably onboard with the mass immigration policies as well. Both of them probably Gutmenschen.
  • Did I mention that our ruling class would NEVER EVER give a German family 1200 EUR a month for bringing up a German child.
  • Rather, they force every German family to give up half of their income to finance any mad scheme the ruling class wants today.

And especially noteworthy:

We are forced to pay 20 EUR per household per month to finance the state propaganda broadcasters. This sums up to 8 bn EUR a month.

One of these broadcasters, ARD; refused to report the murder, was forced to explain himself, said, this is a local case, we don’t deal with local crimes.

This after the well known Cologne mass rape and NUMEROUS rape-murders committed by “refugees”.

Well that’s all.

This system must fall: It has outlived all usefulness. It is Globalism. As I said, I think we will be allowed to discard it.

Oh, and, the regime claims the murderer is 17 yr old, many “refugees” claim to be minors because they know that’ll get them even better treatment; the regime will try to uphold his claim to be able to punish him very leniently. I expect 3 years in the locker of which he will have to serve half.



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