First Modern Spy: Sidney Reilly

…birth name Rosenblum – delivered the Japanese crucial information that allowed them to destroy the Russian fleet in 1904…

Video, 10min

As you might guess from his birthname, he was of Jewish descent through his mother; and only later found out that his real father was also a Jew.

Considering his vast linguistic and social skills allowing him to blend in anywhere, we see the product of the Rabbinic literacy project that started 700 years earlier, gaining the Ashkenazi Jews one IQ point per century, their average is today at 107. This can likely be explained by genetic drift in the population – similar to the Germans whose literacy project started 500 years ago with Gutenberg and Luther’s Bible translation; we’re at 105 today.

Of course it looks like Rosenblum / Reilly himself was much higher than his population’s average, more like 150.

Make sure to check out the youtube channel I got this from to learn everything about WW1. It’s being produced in Berlin with exactly 100 year offset from the events of WW1.

So it will go on another 2 years or so.

Youtube: The Great War


3 thoughts on “First Modern Spy: Sidney Reilly”

  1. I would love to comment but if I do, I will be interpreted as antisemitic, a stupid invented word for propaganda. Although, semitism is a race and I am a semitic and not the ashkénaze are.


    1. Not knowing where you wanna go there, but to the use of the word antisemitic…

      I’m using “antisemitic” here as it is commonly used today in the Western media.

      Whether or not a Jew or Arab or both of today stem from “Sem” is of no importance to me – genetic studies show that todays Ashkenazim are to about 80% Italian anyway.

      The Roman Empire had 10% Jewish population: Judaism prosetylized heavily back then – unlike todays claim of Jews that you must have a Jewish mother to be counted as one of them, or alternatively undergo YEARS of schooling to be accepted into the faith. Back then it worked quite differently. Looks like many Roman citizens found some advantage in converting to Jewish faith – and maybe adopting Christianity as state religion was a countermeasure by the ruling class to stop Judaism from spreading further, after all Romans had a bit of military trouble squashing Jewish unrest in Judaea or whatever you wanna call it.

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      1. …I see the high average IQ of todays Ashkenazim population as a consequence of selection pressure through a culture that requires high degrees of literacy, inducing genetic drift. NOT mutations or evolution – mutations are mostly negative and the timespan too short for useful mutations to evolve.


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