BEIGE POWER : Canadian Govt Promotes Wiping Out The White Race

Canadian Propaganda video, payed for with tax money. Trigger Warning: Shit Music. Being generous there with the term music. Video link follows, plus remarks about the historical context by me.


  • Globalists will call anyone talking about WHITE power a racist anf throw him in jail for Hatecrime.
  • Yet they create a new racist movement for their desired mixed race
  • We’ll All Look The Same In The Year 3000so it is not about diversity or multiculturalism or multiracialism but about the creation of a unified type of human. More about this below.
  • In the video, we see a bunch of Brown dudes and White (-hot) girls. This is the stereotypical role of the woman in a territory under invasion: Women don’t defend. They’ll mate with the surviving man. That’s what the Celtic women in England did after the invading Anglo-Saxons wiped out all Celtic men in their area. Today the English have a celtic X chromosome and an Anglo-Saxon, read Germanic, Y chromosome.
  • Globalists know jackshit about genetics (genotype vs. phenotype, demixing, recessive/dominant genes, see Brazil : “The worst enemy of a negro is his white grandson”)
  • This vision of the creation of the future helote race goes back at least to Coudenhouve-Kalergi, “Praktischer Idealismus”, foundation document of the Pan-Europa-Movement. Kalergi being of Dutch-Japanese mixed heritage, high ranking freemason, financed by international German-American Jewish banker Warburg to promote his ideas. Key quote: “The future people of Europe will be a Eurasian-negroid mixed race, on the outside not unlike the ancient Egyptians”. (Freemasons of course being worshippers of pyramid builders and claiming to be in posession of ancient mysteries.)
  • Praktischer Idealismus also tells us that Pan-Europa would not be democratic but governed by a “Aristocracy Of The Spirit” (Geistesaristokratie) for which, naturally, the “intellectual elite of Europe, the Jews” would be great candidates.
  • That book can not be bought anywhere in Germany but is can be found as PDF.

So this BEIGE POWER propaganda goes back a long way straight to the breakthrough decade of Eugenics, the 1920ies. (John Maynard Keynes for instance was president of the Eugenics Society)

History Of Eugenics

It should be noted that the roots of this propaganda go back to BEFORE Cricks and Watson discovered DNA, the long sought “inheritance factor” (Erbfaktor); and that the Eugenicist propagandists going back to the inventor of Eugenics, Francis Galton, cousin of Charles Darwin, did not know about the works of Mendel, who did not find the Erbfaktoren or genes, but described their effect in his work on cultivation of plants. Mendel was a munk in a monastery in I think Dresden or Leipzig in the mid 1900s and more interested in producing better plants for his monastery than in publishing. I don’t know when his work was finally discovered by mainstream evolutionists / biologists / geneticists / eugenicists.

Noteworthy: Key eugenicists Darwin, Galton, Keynes were all part of the same ultrarich family clan, the oligarchs of the UK of the day, Keynes married into it. This clan had a lot of intermarriage probably to preserve their unique genetic superiority and they might by now all be degenerated through incest.

While Darwin is presented to us as this nice guy who travelled the world and lived out his days in a small cottage, all of this was financed by his ultrarich oligarch family. Darwin just propagandized the ideas of his grandfather. This is oligarchy.

An Early Eugenicist Genocide

Also, find his remarks about the Irish, which he hated as uncivilized multiplying rabble, in “The Descent Of Man”, to understand that he was a Eugenicist. The book can be found online and I think the online version still hasn’t been cleaned in this regard.

In this regard and time period: The Irish “Potatoe Famine” 1845-1850 was an extermination by the English, a precursor to Stalin’s Holodomor, the Irish Famine causing 5 million deaths.

It worked like this: The Irish worked their land as indentured servants, landowners being English. The deal was, they would have to export everything they produced but were allowed to keep the potatoes. Even while the English already knew that potatoe blight was ravaging continental Europe and approaching the UK islands they didn’t do anything to change that deal. Even while the Irish were starving to death the English continued to take all non-potatoe products at gunpoint.

Beyond Culling

The genocides we find across the 19th and early 20th century are of course economic undertakings to prevent a depletion of limited agricultural output. Similarly, megadeath in mechanized warfare helped to accomplish that. THink about it as a culling operation.

Culling is no longer necessary in the West as our population naturally declines in an age of plenty; yet the Globalists still promote their old goal of racial mixing. One can wonder about the motives.

Red Ice Commentary

They mention a similar Propaganda Video financed by the Swedish government with tax money 6 years ago. It is even more disgusting.

This is the Pan-Europa-Bewegung and Globalism at work.


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