Globalism Is Being Dumped Because Everyone Intelligent Knows It’s A Failure

Globalism as promoted by the big Oligarch foundations – in Germany, the politcally most active one is Bertelsmann Foundation – Bertelsmann being the biggest media publisher here -demands:

  • Tariff-free movement of goods across borders
  • Unrestrained cross border movement of people
  • Complete abolition of the Welfare State

This is at least the logical conclusion of their philosophy, based on Adam Smith and Ricardo’s free trade theory. They do not always declare their final goal openly as that might be tactically unwise.

In the USA, Koch Brothers, their now extinct movement Tea Party and their propaganda outlet promotes these goals.

In a logical abstract light the position is sound: Free movement of people allows the unemployed steel worker from Pittsburgh to move to a country that needs steel workers, say China. Welfare abolition prevents refugee waves because there is no easy loot to be had by invading the welfare system of Germany or Sweden.

Now in practice this has some problems:

  • It ignores the family connections of the worker
  • It ignores language barriers
  • It will constantly change the DEMOS of a nation, leading to political instability and a complete makeover of any nation within one generation – assuming 3% population mobility in one year as observed in the internal free market of the US states.

But the biggest and decisive nail in the coffin of this failing ideology is the existence of counter-strategies that directly exploit the key weakness of the Globalism Ideology:

The Hijra

Hijra originally describes the expulsion of Muhammed from Mekka and his takeover of Medina. He had been proselytizing in Mekka for 10 years, garnering one follower a month, so about 150 people went to Medina.

He then seemingly managed to make his creed much more attractive, quickly overtaking all of Medina.

From this success, Islam developed the Hijra strategy to what we see today. Simply swamp target countries with waves and waves of Muslim refugees until they succumb to Islam. Recent examples are Lebanon from 1980 on and Kosovo which completely fell to Islam during the first NATO war against Serbia.

Before Kosovo was islamic, they took in Albanian Muslim refugees.

BTW don’t bother to go to the wikipedia, or go there for amusement, they have complete disinfo: They describe the Hijra as a return of a Muslim to an islamic country.

Globalism vs. The Hijra

What’s the counterstrategy of Globalism to the Hijra?

NONE. The Hijra is not motivated by looting welfare systems. It is Islamic Conquest.

Actually the Globalism proponents have never addressed this: They simply pretend that their ideology is completely independent of religion, forgetting that Islam is a religio-political movement with no separation of church and state.

So Islam or any other group running the “invasion through refugee waves” strategy can just swamp a territory owned by the Globalists, hang them from the lampposts and OWN the place.

The Koch Brothers or the Bertelsmann owners – the Mohn family – would elegantly retreat to a beautiful chalet in the mountains, with a helipad, while their followers dangle from lampposts in the streets.

Globalism Gets Canned

So why are we allowed to can Globalism – by getting to vote for Brexit and getting to vote for Trump? While Farage and Trump might be great orators concerning their motivational powers, this doesn’t explain why we were allowed to get to vote for them in the first pace. It’s not like there are no ways you could remove such a candidate or abolish the election completely.

I think that a few slightly less stupid figures in the background structure of the state DO understand the concept of invasion. Otherwise, there would never have bee any such kind of election.

So these figures are very likely military generals – this is likely because generals know military history -; in the USA probably the Generals who got canned by Obama – 200 of them or so – who have formed a movement called America First. Sound familiar? Trump used that Slogan before he switched to Make America Great Again.

Do we have similar figures in the continental EU? Unknown. I sure hope so.

And I’m waiting for their move. The AfD might be that move.

On the other hand maybe the goal is exactly to save USA and UK and just throw the continental EU to the wolves.

In any case, for the moment: Go short EU, go short Euro.

Generals vs. Politicians

Oh and if we turn the argument around – that generals are likely to understand the concept of Hijra vs Globalism – asymmetric warfare actually; or maybe diametric or orthogonal warfare, as the concept of Hijra does not even shine up on the radar of the Globalism ideologues – due to their decision to blind themselves through political correctness – throwing away their radar and their binoculars – so if generals understand it well we might also dare a guess that the typical politician – a person with a liberal arts or lawyer degree who is not quite good enough to become a lawyer – is perfectly incapable of understanding it.

Which, in another instance of orthogonal warfare, gives the general the decisive advantage.


2 thoughts on “Globalism Is Being Dumped Because Everyone Intelligent Knows It’s A Failure”

  1. Totally agree! The problem is European don’t see the hijra as a political and religious conquest; they only see it as refugees needing home and life, which is true, but there is a plan underlying this movement. I come from Lebanon and we know couple of things about the Islamic expansion!


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