Famous Vegan Promotes Cutting Human Fetuses Into Pieces

I can’t quite wrap my head around that.

Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock Donating Proceeds from Sales of Vegan Shoes to Planned Parenthood

For the uninformed; “Beastie Boys” was a 1980ies NYC rap/punk band made up of three Ashkenazim Jews; “Ad-Rock” is the faux name of one of them. One of them recently died so the band is no longer extant.

So this guy doesn’t want to hurt any animal yet he is perfectly fine with cutting up a human embryo. This goes beyond normal Vegan craziness and shows outright hatred for humanity: Because Vegans are against killing of any animal, they would reject industrial use of aborted calfs or lambs, for instance – or aborting an embryo of any animal altogether.

Horovitz, his real name, singles out humans as the only animal species he expressly wants murdered.

Outright hatred for humanity is of course the general attitude of the Left as they see us as destroyers of the poor innocent planet. But again, hypocrisy strikes. By selling new shoes Horovitz partakes in unnecessary wasteful industrial activity – helping to destroy the planet in the leftist world view. He should rather promote repairing old shoes or start a barefoot walking movement.

Why are you picking on that guy you ask. Well because his shoes are VEGAN. There are Vegans who claim their health improves by eating vegan. This is not one of them. This is the “protect poor animals, protect the planet” type of vegan because it’s SHOES. Nothing to do with nutritional aspects. And, “protect poor animals, protect the planet” plus “produce decadent surplus products, cut up human fetuses” at the same time, no less.


So, a complete hypocrit. Maybe just his attempt to get free marketing. Which, again, would be hypocritical (PRETENDING to be a moral vegan). No way out here: All explanations point to utter hypocrazy.

Does this sound like I’m currently burning my 1980ies “License to Ill” copy? yeah but the copy is 400 miles away so I currently can’t. And I will probably just throw it in the bin, not burn it. Because I care for air quality.

I bought it for a fiver decades ago.



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