Warmunism: Coverup for Funding Clinton with German Tax money

This is pretty astonishing: A German MSM newspaper, WELT – which is very much in the can for Merkel and her CDU and everything they do including flooding the country with islamic fortune seekers / refugees – admits that the German government payed 5 million USD of our tax money to the Clinton foundation!

It is of course undeniable because the Clinton foundation publishes a list of big donors. Nevertheless, one would have thought the German system newspapers would never report this. I already knew about it through German blogs (the German government HATES them all!) – but now it’s in the MSM!

German source:


And here comes the link to warmunism: The government says the money was for climate protection projects, specifically for reforesting in : “India, Kenia, El Salvador, Mexiko, Vietnam, Uganda and Peru”.

See how that works and how very convenient Warmunism as the catch-all excuse for tax money theft is?

WHY Merkel would support CLINTON in an election campaign is as mysterious as her documented love for Obama – the CDU being nominally a CONSERVATIVE party.

The question why a conservative party in Germany would sympathize with a left winger in the USA is never asked by the German media system. Also, they never tell you that the USA dems are together with the German social democrats SPD in the PA (Progressive Alliance) (not Palestinian Authority, in this case), the successor to the Socialist International which was too corrupt even for the taste of German SPD – why would the CDU have anything to do with the dems then. Shhhh, just never ask.

Maybe Clinton just threatened to “liberate” Germany after the election like she did with Libya so it’s simple Danegeld.


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