White Monkey Jobs

Found an interesting channel by an American and a South African living in China, married to Chinese women, talking about life in China.

In the linked video they talk about White Monkey Jobs; where a whitey is temporarily hired by a Chinese company to be around as a businessman impostor in meetings with customers or maybe make a Powerpoint presentation in English to impress the customer, which is often the state bureaucracy. Or even sell laughable paintings or stand in as a musician miming through playback.

Link to their channel:



3 thoughts on “White Monkey Jobs”

  1. Curious. A guy I worked with at the greenhouse here in Southern Ontario, is currently teaching English in China. I wonder how the natives see him…


  2. A couple we know taught all over the world in English-speaking schools. The students knew English. His main subject was Earth Science. They were scheduled to teach in Kuwait but when Iraq invaded in August of 1990 the operation (parents and children) went to Egypt. Generally they were posted to a school/country for 2 years — then on to a new place. I think the last post was to China.


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