French Serial Child Killer: Gilles De Rais (1405-1440)

Man I was looking for the connection of this guy to Joan of Arc, or Jeanne D’Arc, so I searched for “Jean” on his wikipedia page and you know what, about every other French person this guy ever met is called Jean something, just try it.

Gilles De Rais, Serial Demon-Summoning Child Killer On Wikipedia

Looks like he fought alongside Joan Of Arc in the 100-year war. A year after Joan Of Arc was burned by the English/Burgunds at the stake -at the tender age of 19; after a 2 year military history in which she served as a mascot/strategist -, he started murdering somewhere in the hundreds of children in his castle hoping to summon demons that would replenish his failing fortune.

And people say CAPITALISTS are evil for selling us overpriced iPhones! Think of that. The sensitivities people have these days. We had a leftist on expressing his horror that Trump sells “Trump steaks” to the White House or something. The outrage! I don’t even know whether that’s true or not, he claimed it. No we surely can’t have that.

Though maybe the Trump steaks come in fact from nightly rituals where children are… let the SJW’s fill in the details about that. I’m sure they’re able to hallucinate the rest.

Well anyway. This Gilles guy has it all. Satanism and it looks like he also had a really good time torturing children to death. From the linked page:

“and very often when the children were dying he sat on their stomachs and took pleasure in seeing them die and laughed”

And I never even heard of him.

P.S.: I currently have two French colleagues. They’re both called Jean-Baptiste. No joke.




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