Warmunists: Vote Hillary To Save The Planet. Well Actually, We Meant To Say It Doesn’t Matter.

Interesting sequence at Gavin Schmidt’s realclimate. (Gavin is a NASA government scientist using NO satellite data, producing the GISS temperature product to uphold the Warmunist claim that Earth is warming, netting NASA 1.2 bn USD tax money per year.)

Exhibit 1: Pre Trump election:

Don’t make a choice that your children will regret

Exhibit 2: Post election:

Trump carbon and the Paris agreement

in which they say

The recent US election has prompted cries that the decision on Earth’s climate has now been irrevocably made, that the US has unilaterally decided to scrap the peak warming target from the Paris agreement of 1.5 oC. What do the numbers say? Is Earth’s climate now irrevocably fracked?

The short answer is that, strictly speaking, the future of global climate would have been fracked even had the election gone the other way, unless stronger action to cut CO2 emissions is taken, very soon.

Good that we have cleared that up.

So why the alarm in the first place? Your silly computer models showed a physically impossible thermal runaway before and show it after the election, and Greens still want more tax money for wind turbines, what did ya think would happen?

Why didn’t you say before the election, hey vote anything, we don’t care, the planet’s going to hell says our computer, goodday, Sir?

Because you knew that Hillary would continue to funnel tax money your way.

And that’s what these snakeoil salesmen are all about.



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