Somebody PLS Photoshop This Picture Of Merkel

into a Palpatine with electric flashes coming out of her hands…

Breitbart, photo of sinister Merkel

Just announced she will try to rule over us another 4 years. Well here’s hoping her treacherous pseudoconservative party CDU will be obliterated.

CDU combined with their Bavarian branch dropped from 45 % approval to 30% now. So a third of their voters already defected to AfD.

Actually for the CDU alone it is even worse : Bavarian CSU stayed constant and now contributes about 10% points to the CDU+CSU sum so the CDU which runs everywhere BUT in Bavaria, has only 20% percent points left, making them as small as the remainder of the once mighty social democrats SPD.

Party landscape in Germany continues to splinter but all but the AfD and the irrelevant NPD are united in their desire to let in Muslim immigrants come hell or high water.

Situation is very similar to Sweden where all but the Sweden Democrats are multiculti fanatics. Sweden of course is even farther down the drain of wholesale civilisationary collapse than Germany.

So next election will see the formation of multi-party pro-Islamic immigration unity front of 4 or 5 parties. What I call the Altparteien, old parties, or Blockparteien, bloc parties, or Blockflöten, recorder. (What? The English call a flute a recorder?)

(Blockflöten being DDR slang for the pseudo-independent small parties kept as pets who always supported whatever the government party SED ordered).

P.S.: A commenter notes Merkel in the photo is dressed in a blackish green, black being the old symbol color of the CDU (it is nowadays orange). So she symbolizes the desire to form a CDU-Green government after the next election. Well she will need at least Green-SPD-CDU/CSU to have majority. Unfortunately many Germans still trust the pro-Islamisation parties.


One thought on “Somebody PLS Photoshop This Picture Of Merkel”

  1. The musical instrument called a recorder is a flute alright. You hold it straight in front of you, versus the more widely known flutes/piccolos that are held sideways. [Tell me a piccolo player joke that I’ve not heard before ;p.] The typical flute is a bit more technically difficult to learn how to play versus the older pipes/recorder type.


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