Scientists Discover Liebig’s Law

Another data point for my devolution hypothesis. Warmunist Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have degenerated so much that only now do they find out what gardeners and biologists knew and exploited for decades. That plants grow real fast when given huge amounts of CO2.


Or in other words, plants in the wild really behave like plants in greenhouses even though the Warmunist Climate Modelers have always assumed in their modeling that they’re totally different and DON’T increase the uptake of their preferred fuel only because there’s more of it.

For those who never explored this area

  • Greenhouses burn Natgas (Methane, CH4, giving CO2 and H2O as combustion products) to enrich greenhouse atmosphere to 1000 or more ppm CO2 which is 2.5 times the ambient level
  • This makes  everything grow faster
  • Like when you TALK to your potty plants. Hint. They don’t listen. Heavy breathing does the same trick. You exhale CO2.
  • The entire thing is called Liebig’s Law which states that the growth of plants is limited by THAT essential resource which is in shortest supply. (Light, water, CO2, nutrients)
  • More CO2, more plant growth
  • C3 plants photosynthesize down to 200 ppm, then they stop. C3 are trees for instance.
  • C4 plants photosynthesize down to 0 ppm. These are the grasses (including Bamboo, corn).
  • C3 and C4 are different variations of Chlorophyl.
  • C4 plants are historically younger according to science.
  • C4 plants are less efficient overall – they just have an edge when CO2 drops below 200 ppm. Otherwise all our plants would now be C4.
  • An evolutionary explanation would then be: Sometime during Earth history CO2 got too scarce and C3 plants started dying off, leading to desertification and creating an opportunity for mutant plants able to thrive at lower CO2 levels.
  • Both C3 and C4 can take a lot more CO2 than there is around now. And thrive.

Well this has been obvious for years now and finally the warmunists have to admit that AGAIN, their stupid computer models are complete fantasy.

And yes, this AGAIN wrecks all horror scenarios they have predicted.

Climate Modeling is really more of a fraud than it is a science. There is *NO* predictive skills in their crap models. This is only one of many reasons. Basically it is all about securing funding for decades and successfully withdrawing from the harsh reality of having to WORK.


6 thoughts on “Scientists Discover Liebig’s Law”

  1. Exactly what I was arguing for years with CAGW morons and got posted all kind of flawed CAGW studies as answers.
    There is more then enough CO2 they say, there is no further improvement in plant grows possible and there are many other limitations etc. One of the lines of arguments was that weeds grow faster under CO2 and then the ‘good’ plants are even more under stress…
    You cannot fix stupid.


  2. Large open fields, say of corn, will use nearly all carbon dioxide quite quickly from their atmosphere, especially on a windless day. A proper wind will replenish the CO2 as the air passes on. Plants can use more than they can get from the current atmosphere.
    People with a knowledge of plants ought to have known this and not have been surprised: “Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have found to their surprise that despite the increased human emissions of greenhouse gases, between 2002 and 2014, plants were somehow able to absorb more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than in previous decades.

    Plants could not take more because it wasn’t there.


    We live about a 4 hour drive from the “Delta Area” near Vancouver, B.C.
    Try these coordinates: 49.086532, -122.998743
    This is Village Farms International, one of the many real Greenhouse growers in this region. Produce that used to come from South America or Mexico now comes from these places. They claim greenhouses only take up 0.01% of BC’s farmland, but produce 11% of BC’s total agriculture production.
    My bold, below:
    Our skilled growers have turned science into art. They give our plants exactly what they need – the perfect climate, the right amount of light, the right amount of nutrition, exact amounts of water and carbon dioxide and the proper ventilation.


  3. C3 and C4 plants aren’t actually differing chlorophyll as much (Chlorophyll being a Mg-porphyrin containing enzyme complex, where cytochromes and hemoglobin are Fe-porphyrin enzyme complexes) as having differing enzyme cascades for fixing (reducing) carbon dioxide to substituted hydrocarbons (sugars). C3 plants use ribulose bisphophocarboxylase (RuBisCo). C4 plants use a special set of enzymes to locally scrub the oxygen poisoning of RuBisCo, which would otherwise promote photorespiration and this emerged from the gross alteration of Earth by previous life forms that thrived in anoxic environments. There is also the subset of plants that use CAM.


  4. Liebig’s law doesn’t only apply to plants. It applies to all embodied life forms whose living energy is chemically mediated, for these work by electrochemistry driven fuel cells walled off by semi-permeable membranes. [This is also why tree rings don’t tell you much about ‘climate’, other than how far away any given year deviated from each specimen’s optimal conditions. To know more about which of the dozens/hundreds or more of the chemical species and general conditions that determine relative ring widths or tree heights or human health or whatever, much more information is required and mostly not available, even when some of the factors are known well enough.]


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