War On Fake News : 1984 in Germany

For those who haven’t read 1984 by Eric Blair a.k.a George Orwell, the current “War on Fake News” declared by the dying mainstream media and in Germany at least by the government party SPD (social democrats) if not also Merkel’s CDU (nominally conservative but really just social democrat as well)

in which they claim that Trump could only have won the election because Zuckerberg’s Facebook allowed the distribution of “fake News” is right out of 1984 where the party runs a Ministry Of Truth which DEFINES what the truth is – and also REdefines it as needed by rewriting and forging archival content. Which is the job of the protagonist Winston Smith if I recall correctly.

The author, Blair/Orwell was a socialist who fought in the Spanish Civil war, in which “anarchists” fought government troups, helped by NKVD bolshevists from the USSR. The anarchists also forced collectivation on farmers; under penalty of death of course because that’s what communism is all about: you have to work for the common good and you are not entitled to property.

Why don’t I make much of a distinction between anarchism and communism? Well in the late 19th century various governments outlawed communism. So in Germany the Marxists founded “Social democracy” instead; in Russia and other places they renamed themselves “anarchists”. The “anarchist” Bakunin is the first of them. They are ANarchist insofar as they want to remove the existing government. After that well it’s the government of the people – which of course needs representatives, right? Some kind of soviet maybe – soviet is simply Russian for committee. In German it’s “Rat“. So the German wikipedia article about “Räterepubliken” even correctly links to an English version about “Soviet Republics” (if you switch the language).

The only reason that today’s anarchists in the West can get away with claiming they really want no government at all is because they never come close to actually removing a government. At that point, the non-existing difference would again come clearly to the forefront.

Organized anarchists in the West really don’t even bother to pretend to be anything but communists.

In the Spanish Civil War, thousands of priests and nuns were murdered, the nuns raped before killing – extinction of Christianity is a core goal of communism after all. A slight problem for the anarchists was that the NKVD “helpers” shot the anarchists in the back of the head in the barricades when they could do so undetected; to take over the revolution for bolshevism.

Blair witnessed all this and became disillusioned with world revolution and spilled the beans about socialist methods in 1984.

Given that Trump won in the USA, the EU remains the last madhouse of the West now -Japan never had a strong Cultural Marxism movement (I have this hunch they’re pretty damn smart these guys)- and the EU might just try to install a real Ministry Of Truth with the necessary censorship apparatus. They sure try hard with Facebook. Currently the German justice minister Maas, a social democrat, threatens Google and Facebook with million Euro fines for not censoring hatespeech. (even though Facebook Germany DOES censor with the help of the Liz Mohn / Bertelsmann (who also owns SPIEGEL) subdivision Arvato and the foundation “Antonio Amadeo” financed by the German state and led by an ex Stasi informant, a woman called Kahane – they just don’t censor enough).

He has no legal standing, he has not defined hatespeech, there is no law. Doesn’t stop him from trying: he is a complete nitwit and a socialdemocrat. (which is, see above, simply rebranded Marxism.)

So I expect more arbitrary decisions as they become more rabid. Their time is running out fast but you know the adage: Never corner a rat, it will bite.


3 thoughts on “War On Fake News : 1984 in Germany”

  1. As far as I understand, sovietism is different from Marx; I should recon that even Marxism in politics is far from Marx’s philosophy, the latter is an utopia. Anyway, Orwell’s 1984 is quite accurate about what’s happening in the world. Now what I don’t understand is the current fear/madness in Europe after the election of Trump.


    1. Ordinary people here really don’t care.
      There’s no panic in the streets. The journalists are all Leftists though and THEY are now shocked and horrified by realizing that they can LOSE. They thought they had everyone brainwashed and now this.
      Also, the journalists are all getting culled with a speed of 10% a year: Journalists are now a really TINY cult-like group in the EU.

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    2. “As far as I understand, sovietism is different from Marx; I should recon that even Marxism in politics is far from Marx’s philosophy, the latter is an utopia.”

      Well. Marx claimed that he was a SCIENTIST whose theory PREDICTED the future. He really claimed that
      a) the revolution would necessarily break out where capitalism was the most advanced
      b) that then a socialist state would be created
      c) That the “New Man” would be created by , well, selection – as he and Engels were fans of Darwin this of course means stopping the bourgeousie from procreating, a perfect description of the Gulag system.
      d) As soon as the New Man was created, the state would not be necessary anymore and state-less communism would emerge. Communism being the only way of living this New Man would be capable of.

      As nothing of this happened according to Marx’ plan it had to be helped along by the Bolshevists as good as they could – the bolshevists being 300 jewish thugs Trotzki brought with him from NYC, toppling a social-democrat government in St Petersburg and proceeding to wage a civil war for 5 years all over Russia. With a lot of foreign involvement, all kinds of people trying to get a chunk of Russia with its resources.

      So yes, you could say that it didn’t quite pan out the way Marx planned it.

      Interesting detail regarding c) was Stalin’s support of Lysenkoism.
      Obviously the bolshevists thought they had found of way of producing their New Man.

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