Tattoos and Piercings

We see in our cities persons covered all over in tattoos, invariably accompanied by piercings, often nose rings these days, and these large round inserts into the earlobes.

What is behind this?

It is a rejection of postmodernity and the attempt to become like one of Rousseau’s Noble Savages (which are of course entirely mythical creatures).

Also it has the advantage of making you unemployable; freeing you for a life of leisure in the Marxist welfare state of the West. This leisure will be of temporary value when our systems collapse due to an overgrowth of leeches and generally hostile populations of foreign origin with their own agenda.

Anyway until then, we can expect more of this. Ugliness you pay for and a consumerist acquisition of pretended superstition. And attempts at really becoming a superstitious person: Our modern day witch-imitators or neo-Odinists and all other kinds of esoterics are trying to become naiive uneducated believers in pristine “untainted” cultures (which generally had some element of cannibalism or other quite unsavory ingredient.). Usually in vain, so they switch from witchcraft to Druidism to satanism to whatever.

And it’s an interesting market. Because the product is so simple.


5 thoughts on “Tattoos and Piercings”

  1. Not wrong! Interesting interpretation! I only see it a way to express yourself, walking with drawing and symbols all over you. But I do agree that it has something very savage in it.


    1. Google for Fakir Musharraf (an American originally called Roland something, I think with partially native American roots), warning, you might find some fetish/sexual stuff. He was the original proponent of the “tribal” tattoo movement and also big into corsetry/crossdressing/fetish/fotography and extreme piercing/”body modification”. And a mystic/hippy/drug taker. And in SOCAL. (where else)
      Well so that’s the “lifestyle designers” who are behind this.

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      1. I think he made a big fotography book early 1980ies fotographing lots of his tattooed followers from the punk/art scene, called “Urban Savages” I think.
        This lead to “tribals” becoming ubiquitious in the 1990ies Techno generation. And their repetitive music being a kind of nonstop “tribal” drumming soundtrack.


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