Sargon Of Akkad, Jurij Bezmenov

Sargon Of Akkad, a liberal but NOT progressive youtuber – sort of one those humanist rationalist atheist Hitchens followers – but very acerbic towards the lunatics of the left –

has three sections in his latest rant:

  • explains how the Qatar-sponsored pipeline politics of Obama/Clinton ensure ISIS terror war against Syrians UNTIL Russia gives up and lets Assad fall. So it is CLEAR that the Clinton voters ENABLE terror and war. (well it is perfectly unclear to THEM. So why are they not able to make this obvious conclusion?)
  • contrasts this with the irrational ongoing campaign of lies by the media SJW’s blaming You, The White American Woman because you effed up and voted Trump.
  • He then shows the old Jurij Bezmenov interview where Bezmenov explains how the Soviet KGB has through infiltration of the US college system turned entire generations of American Intelligentsia into Marxist-Leninist Useful Idiots – as Sargon now realizes that yes, this old campaign really HAS produced demoralized idiots that are now entirely INCAPABLE of processing facts.

It is inevitable to continue to psychoanalyze our clearly insane enemy, the SJW; as the EU (and Canada) continue to be run by these peopleĀ  – as the last bastion standing in the way of sanity. (I continue to be confused about the inner motivation of the GERMAN government and continue to think there is an internal power struggle going on.)

Oh and re the incapability of processing facts: Every day you can find numerous examples of intellectuals evading OBVIOUS conclusions in their writings because you gotta factor in this and you gotta consider that. Often bending their brains into a pretzel just to evade the obvious. The prime purpose of the logical faculties in a demoralized persons brain is to use them to confirm his own prevonceived judgments. That’s why the intelligent are easier to hoodwink. They are better at fooling themselves.

(Yes factoring in this and that MIGHT change a conclusion. But in most cases the obvious conclusion is the right one. Occam’s razor. It’s more PROBABLE.)

And another thought: Kant and Plato and other Idealists talk of hidden layers of reality. Empiricists scoff at that. The demoralized person consciously BECOMES the prisoner in the cave (see Plato’s Cave Allegory) – basically turning all of reality into HIDDEN to his eyes.

Because he likes it there chained to the wall looking at those fancy shadows.


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