SPIEGEL (engl. Mirror) is the most important weekly in Germany.

They had a Trump cover in 2015 showing Trump as a big orange asteroid heading towads Earth titled “The End of the World (as we know it”. Someone made a parody of it showing him heading towards a newspaper – titled “The End of the Media (as we know it)”.

source with picture

Now here’s what the text says. Spiegel – which has or rents a glitzy brand new office cube nicknamed the Borg Cube at the river in Hamburg – reduces workforce by 150. from a current 750. 110 people already took severance package voluntarily, jumping ship.

That’s a reduction of 20%. Spiegel’s circulation drops by 7% a year – average for German MSM is 10% a year. Online revenue doesn’t make up the shortfall of print ads to any extent; print ad prices are falling.

Lux Aeterna, Clint Mansell.

And some tidbits of the character of the SPIEGEL collective. (This all out of the head by me)

  • Founded by Augstein The Elder with License from SHAEF occupation regime.
  • US-oriented in the beginning
  • Communist uprising by employees early 1970ies
  • Augstein The Elder grants employee Kollektiv 51% of shares to make enduring truce.
  • From then on, pro-communist libtard medium, slightly kept in check by the capitalist perks they negotiated themselves
  • 1990: The Stasi Rosenholz file falls into the hands of the CIA, containing everything about the SPIEGEL Kollektiv members. Probably some dirt. SPIEGEL becomes obedient pro US-deep state outlet and celebrates every NATO attack war. (Serbia I + II, Libya)
  • For a number of years now Spiegel is owned to 25% by the German oligarch Liz Mohn via her Bertelsmann foundation which owns Gruner+Jahr which owns 25% of SPIEGEL.
  • We observe two typical strategies of Western oligarchs here: a) use a tax exempt foundation. b) use leverage. It is not necessary to own a majority of shares to have control.
  • The Kollektiv which still owns 51% blocks big investments to keep their dividend rolling. Someone’s gotta pay for their weekend house and yacht. The old Kollektiv leftists are sorta castrated communists – their extra income muted their battle cry for world revolution. Apres moi le deluge – just live out my days in comfort, and have total redistribution after that
  • The relatively new SPIEGEL online employees do not own shares and are citizens of 2nd class at the SPIEGEL Borg cube. Leading to more frictions.
  • Augstein The Younger as a millionaire champaigne socialist has the birthright to publish lunacies at Der SPIEGEL – he just claimed that Trumpzilla has destroyed the West and turned the USA fascistic. He was Justin Trudeau before Justin even thought of it!

She’s listing, Cap’n.




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