Scott Adams about Confused Leftists

This is an important observation so let’s preserve the link here.

Scott Adams about cognitive dissonance

What he says is that

  • Liberals actually believe that Trump supporters are evil and want to go after the poor gays.
  • That is their mental model of us.
  • They have no other explanation for our behaviour.
  • So they feel justified in perpetrating violence against us.

Now let’s start from Adams’ observation and add a bit more.

  • Humans use models to explain what they can’t directly observe.
  • We make models of the inner thoughts of other people.
  • These models can be wrong.
  • The model making process can be manipulated.
  • The News media are those manipulators.
  • And they know that they are.

I have talked about this model making in Kant As A Kalman Filter; explaining the principal behind mental models and their use in Idealism – of which Kant and Plato are proponents.

(Empiricists get terribly agitated when one starts talking about hidden layers of reality but it’s really trivial. Everything you can’t directly observe with your senses IS hidden and you always make mental models of it to deduce its behaviour.)

Of course the “wrong mental model” accusation can be made against right-wingers as well: Not ALL leftists actually WANT to exterminate 30% of the population once they grab the power – like Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot did. Actually all leftists I met in real life are in perfect ignorance about these historical facts.

And probably not all members of Merkel’s CDU party actually want Shariah Law in Germany. Though I can’t explain why they keep allowing every Muslim in (at the moment, 500 a day) if they don’t want that. Let’s say: I have several mental models of them that are all unsatisfactory. This could indicate that the party is in internal turmoil.

My personal mental model of a typical Leftist is really that of a person that knows nothing of historic reality of leftism and I tend to try to educate them like I would educate a six year old: Patiently and politely unless the child becomes unruly at which point it needs a break.

How does this talk of mental models help us?

  • The small water carrier leftist is incompetent.
  • You can exploit that – for instance by selling them overpriced fetishes with say a revolutionary motif; a Che Guevara shirt or one with a hammer and sickle. They really don’t know the atrocities and feel that it conveys a sort of Ersatz masculinity.
  • You can educate them to help them out of their helpless rut. Maybe you actually feel sorrow for them.
  • Most interestingly, it can help in investment. Wrong mental models are propagated by the media purposefully to chase stupid crowds of (leftist) investors into overprized assets. You can try to frontrun such herds – though I recommend a quantitative computer model to do this more safely as you must exit before the herd goes over the cliff – or you can try to invest in a contrarian fashion. This takes patience and pain tolerance: As long as the herd is driving up the price of overprized assets you will feel the pain of lost opportunity. This can take years – and of course you need enough income during that time.

How do we know whether a mental model is wrong? We can’t know for certain but I recommend tracking the MSM propaganda. The Western MSM have the only purpose of installing false mental models. FOX News has famously demonstrated this by trying to derail Trump – they lost half their viewers.

(Murdoch is member of CFR and therefore pro-NWO. BTW, Angelina Jolie is a CFR member. UN and CFR take actresses und use them as posterchilds. Jolie, Emma Watson.)

(You will also notice that the MSM never give you original data. That would allow you to analyze it yourself. That’s not what their job is.)

A tip to get original data fast and free. Use google images. Type in something like “GDP per capita USA statistics” and you get all sorts of charts.

So. The MSM are a very good counter-indicator. And that is what their value is.


Another connection needs to be made. The typical property of a cult is that a cult controls the information that cult members are able to get. MSM-induced leftism fulfills this criterion: Modern leftism is a cult. It stands and falls with information control. Cult deprogramming means informing the cult member about reality.

The cult member resists being informed though. I’ve had communists scream in my face in frustration after telling them about the history of communism and its casualties. You need to terminate the session at that point and restart later.

You have to understand that it is painful for the victim to have his false mental model broken down.




2 thoughts on “Scott Adams about Confused Leftists”

  1. ‘I tend to try to educate them like I would educate a six year old: Patiently and politely unless the child becomes unruly at which point it needs a break.’

    Which is probably why we now have SJWs – they have been deliberately dumbed-down to the point where trying to educate them Elicits the response of a six-year-old child. Therefore it is (next to) Impossible to educate them. And that puts them right where their masters want them to be.


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