Color Revolution Attempt in USA

Fawning MSM Article with Clintons in Purple

for the photo.

So the ousted dynasty wants to return as a new Timoschenko.

US street riots are organized by Soros’ .

“host Bill O’Reilly reacted to the protests sprouting up around the country that are a result of Tuesday’s presidential election outcome.
O’Reilly noted how similar protests from the “left-wing” were a signature of communist takeovers in the 20th century.”

The Color Revolution concept has been designed by one Gene Sharp working from his apartment in NYC calling himself The Einstein Institute. First implemented in OTPOR, the color revolution movement that was used to start the NATO war against Serbia. Later the concept was used to destabilize all of Arabia and North Africa (with the exception of Saudi and Israel.)

Sharp worked -and probably still works- for the CIA.

There was even a Color Rev. attempt in Iran called the GREEN Revolution. The concept is by now as formulaic as a 3 minute radio piece.

There was one in Hong Kong lately.

Notice that the attempts in Iran and Hong Kong were successfully countered by the respective governments.

You choose a symbol and a color, try to produce visually persuasive TV pictures to get Western populations to back a military intervention and strike. Gaddafhi’s ouster in Libya was a typical example.

Mass rape accusations are typical. You need something to trauma-condition the female voters in the West.

Sharp basically modernized old wartime propaganda techniques from WW 1 and 2 for the color TV age. For instance, the Germans were said to throw Belgian babies in the air and catch them with their bayonettes in WW 1. And rape Nuns.

An interesting question is whether the ISIS video productions were actually propaganda reality production / trauma conditioning for Western audiences. I mean it’s a bit grotesque that they throw victims into acid one week and into meatgrinders the next, even by Jihadist standards. I didn’t watch any of the videos as I am not interested in gore at all – and didn’t want my IP registered by the Western security apparatus.

At least the early ISIS videos were all “discovered” and uploaded to youtube by a Washington DC “think tank” called SITE run by one Rita Katz.


I think the Color Revolution concept is by now too well known to actually work in the USA – and, due to its repeated use it is probably the prime culprit in the destruction of the Western Media. We know the drill, we know they are liars, they’ve used this since the 90ies, over and over and over again, so much so that the moment I hear of a “terrible tragedy” or “human rights violation”  I instantly google for “mass rape” to see whether the News has NATO PsyOp fingerprints all over it and it always has…

So. Maybe we’ll get some “mass rape” in the USA next? Committed by a militia? Let’s see what they come up with. Of course, don’t believe a word of it when you hear it.





2 thoughts on “Color Revolution Attempt in USA”

  1. I said: “You choose a symbol and a color”

    Following Gene Sharp’s playbook to a tee, after picking a color – Purple -, they now chose a symbol – a Safety Pin.

    So this is a cookie cutter Color Revolution.
    Next stage should be CNN teams reporting about poor desperate traumatized supressed victims of the Trump regime risking their lives protesting in the face of overwhelming police brutality.
    Also, dead bodies: Remember the sniper fire on Maidan square in Ukraine. They might actually kill some of their own useful idiots to blame it on the police or National Guard.


    1. Expect Hollywood production quality and collaboration by top effects teams (donating their time and talent for the Greater Good). “Found Footage” so to speak, right out of the CGI department. We might see a new level of false flaggery.


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