Nassim Taleb About The Election

Unfortunately I needed my sleep so I missed the whole exciting part of the election (which happened from 1 A.M. to 5 A.M. German time)…

And now, the entire MSM caste is drooling from shock. (Including the Pan-Europa politicians of the EU who can now kiss their beloved TTIP goodbye. This of course includes both the two governing parties of Germany, the social-democrat SPD as well as the “conservative” CDU: Both are Obama/Hillary ass kissers.)

This is actually an indicator that Trump is NOT another Deep State Manchurian Candidate. So I have hope for an end of US-supported terror politics in the ME. Remember how the entire might of Obama’s imperial guards never figured out a way to finish off a few guys with beards in Syria?

This might be over in a week now. Russia has its fleet in position.(Deutsche Welle, english)

Well anyway. The best article I found about Trump’s Triumph is by Nassim Taleb, word-famous for his book The Black Swan:

Nassim Taleb Explains Who Just Got Buried

(at zerohedge)

And another fun link: All major US newspapers bar one endorsed Hillary or “anyone but Trump”!

zerohedge again

The people in America and Europe are now in full-on confrontation to their media overlords.

I love this.


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