Global Warming causes First Snow in Munich

Munich newspaper announces harsh winter (we had first snow here today).
Funny: Article ends with sophist drivel about how Global Warming causes more cold!

German Source

Google Translate of the funny part:

Crazy weather: Because of the warming of the climate the temperatures rise around the world – but we have so much snow as in a long time! The portal reports that 31.48 million square kilometers are currently under the white blanket in the northern hemisphere. As much as 40 years ago no more! Russia is almost completely covered with snow. How can this be done? The warmer it is, the more the Arctic ice melts in the sea. Above the open sea, however, the air collects much more moisture than above the dry-cold ice; precipitation (rain and even snow) is more frequent. The air cools over the huge snowmass! This has consequences for us: the strong cold climax weakens the so-called polar vortex. And the weaker the latter, the less chance the mild deep-pressure areas of the Atlantic have. This means: The cold polar air can draw unhindered to us – and it becomes zapfig-wintry …


So now you know. In case you meet someone who actually believes this: Make sure to keep him away from anything pointy lest he hurts himself. He might be a Western academic. Keep him in a padded Safe Space. Also, assure him he’s right. Academics cannot stand differing opinions anymore. They decided that life is so much easier without.



6 thoughts on “Global Warming causes First Snow in Munich”

  1. Notice how the weak Polar vortex causes all the snow, as opposed to a strong Polar vortex which caused lots of snow. But that is so 2015.

    Journalists! They go to journalist school to reason like that!


  2. Oregon, Washington, and B. C. are into a rainy season. This is the usual, so not news.
    Warmish now and getting a bit cooler but snow is NOT going to happen except about 10 days out and 2500 m. up.
    Upper-air flow needs to change to shift Europe to warmer and North America to cold.


    1. Western Europe is a lot like Western US/Canada. Both being downwind from an ocean. UK and Belgium and Western France are all very wet half of the year. That’s what made Ypres and the Sommes so much fun 100 years ago. Google “trench foot”!

      Until the Western wind reaches Germany it has lost a lot of its moisture. Western parts like Aachen and Wuppertal still catch a lot of rain due to local topography, but that’s about it. All the rest of Germany is in Winter sometimes influenced by warm Western wind; or by cold Northern and Eastern winds; and that determines whether we have snow or not , and the temperature to match.

      Interestingly the Southern parts are not really warmer than the Northern plains as they are 500 m higher; so the lapse rate compensates for the increased insolation.


    1. Maylyn, that’s not what the Global Warming “theory” in its original form says – rather, cold places should warm faster than already warm places- (the reason is that Global Warming is supposed to work via radiative energy exchange – infrared radiation to be specific – and that the amount of energy a body radiates AWAY rises with the 4th power of absolute temperature, the Stefan-Boltzmann Law. This makes it incredibly hard to heat material up more and more.)

      In other words: you need less energy to heat up air that is -80 deg C by 10 degrees than you need to heat air at +40 deg C to 50, all other things being equal.

      So Global Warming “theory” predicted that the poles would melt. And in 2007 they were very pleased that North pole sea ice reached a minimum. It seemed to confirm their theory.

      Occasionally though they turn around and predict what you’ve said, using some sophistry like in the article I linked to, just to cover all the bases. And that makes their “theory” completely unscientific, as it then predicts both A and (Not A)… a theory that cannot be contradicted adds no information and is worthless.

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