A Chaotic Strategy Comes To Its Head

The Left always wanted to use Grievance Groups – minorities whose rights they fight for – as clubs to bring down capitalism. This was codified by Adorno of the Frankfurt School as Critical Theory – which is not a theory but an assault strategy: relentlessly criticize EVERY aspect of Western Culture – like storming a fortress through relentless assault.

Several of these grievance groups are now empowered beyond emancipation and have special rights and special protection

  • Women : Alimony; Healthcare, Pension systems, Insurances.
  • Blacks : Affirmative Action.
  • Gays : Anti discrimination laws; State-financed propaganda for gayness via Gender Mainstreaming programs.
  • Muslims : Limitless immigration into Western social nets into which they did not contribute.

The burden of all these programs is shouldered by the constantly vilified working white males to a point that it is killing the host (what was planned by Cloward and Piven) / triggering a Going Galt.

The vilification of the host is done by Western MSM; which can at this moment be described as a vicious enemy force all by itself. Journalists have no sympathy for working men. They are by and large communists, as their wages have fallen to levels last seen with indentured servitude. Which they wholly deserve of course.

Going Galt today expresses itself via MGTOW , Preppers and similar movements.

The burden on white working men is of course mostly excerted by the Welfare State with its ever-increasing tax rates – shifting economic considerations towards favorability of a breakaway from the system – maybe combined with bartering and other tax avoidance strategies.

This has of course happened before in even farther advanced Leftist regimes – the USSR did not outlaw companies but they outlawed profits. So companies were not invested in, they fell into disrepair until they were gobbled up by the State economy. What kept civilisation somewhat going were the “Garashniki” or “garage economy” – illegal underground workshops and shops that still partially exist today in the vast expanses of Russia. Even today Russia cannot crack down on them without risking revolts – so vital is their role in providing otherwise unavailable services.

As the loot available in the State Economy collapses through these withdrawal measures; as tax revenue collapses in real terms, we will see howling and screeching with the grievance groups as their free perks go away.

The process is nonlinear and self-amplifying. It is accompanied by a wholesale loss of trust in the system. It is far advanced in the USA: As the unmentioned real unemployment rate hovers at 20%. The backbone of the underground economy is of course the drug trade.

It has its own police; the various Mafias, Gangs, to which you pay protection money.

This coming state of affairs is not necessarily more benevolent or efficient than the monolithic Welfare State. It is also ruthlessly capitalistic.

That’s what we’re headed to. As the Western Welfare State has pissed on its defenders – and is now without. Inept destroyers like Merkel or Obama (who love each others greatness) are the best that the remaining power structure can now bring forth.

Will Trump be any better? I have no idea. The next president of the USA will preside over a debt default and/or currency devaluation in any case. Trump will in that case probably be more honest about it – as he knows default proceedings from 5 of his enterprises.


Oh, and the grievance groups? They will fight each other, of course. That’s what you do when resources go away.



2 thoughts on “A Chaotic Strategy Comes To Its Head”

  1. Let’s float this balloon — Hillary wins the election while the House stays Republican. They could vote for
    Articles of Impeachment. Depending of the Senate — Dems or Rep ? — members of the Senate could vote to convict and remove her from office. Tim Kaine could step in.
    Kaine does have some experience being an office holder. Not saying I share his views.
    Such a scenario would prevent the Clinton Criminal Syndicate from gaining control.

    I think the coming president (‘the Donald’ or Hillary) will be one term and the campaigning for 2020 will begin Monday, Jan. 23, 2017 — three days after the inauguration. It may be the 2020 president that will preside over a debt default and/or currency devaluation, and much more.


  2. Very clearly said. I do believe that all political, social and economical theories that were born in 18th, 19th and 20th century don’t function anymore nowadays. And a radical solution and/or a collection of brand new ideas are unlikely to happen soon


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