Old Treasure: Under Me Sleng Teng

And no, I have no idea what that means. It’s probably something Jamaican Patois; and it’s an old song with a very hypnotic bass sequencer I listened to on John Peel in the early 80ies .

So here goes.

Wayne Smith – Under Me Sleng Teng

I always had this sequence in my mind but I didn’t even remember the name of the song. I just rediscovered it while trying to find out the author of another famous sequence (but no luck), anyway, there are some videos on youtube that re-enact some famous 80ies sequences, here’s the one that brought me to the song above.

Some nice ones here.


One thought on “Old Treasure: Under Me Sleng Teng”

  1. P.S.: The bass is actually a simple Casio VL Tone 1. Which sold for about 100 DM or 50 bucks at the time. And was based on a single ASIC chip. (I have one). For afficionados: There are emulator apps for the common smartphone platforms.


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