Hamburg ISIS Knife Murder of 16 Yr Old or: The Media Who Cried Horror Clown

About 2 weeks ago, a person of Middle-Eastern appearance (or “Südländer”, as the police report code word for that is, “Southlander”) sneaked up on a couple sitting on waterfront stairs at the inner city lake Alster of Hamburg; knifed the 16 yr old boy to death and threw his girlfriend in the water and walked away.

Police never found him. It was a random murder.

Given the islamic appearance of the murderer, the inevitable Wall Of Silence was imposed: National state media never reported it, and after getting angry e mails, they answered, nope, we don’t report on insignificant local violence, as long as it is not of “societal relevance”.

So the regime tells us, getting randomly murdered in our own cities by foreigners is nothing to worry about.

Now the Hamburg leftist daily “ZEIT” (“Time”) and the rest of the media tell us ISIS claims responsibility.

ZEIT article

And, they say, the Staatsschutz (“State Protection”; current equivalent to GeStaPo or StaSi or FBI) takes the letter seriously.

So this is the state of events in Germany:

  • Innocent people get murdered in heart of German cities (Hamburg is a tourist destination; the Alster is smack bang in the middle of it; not some run-down ghetto)
  • Media stays as silent about it as they can
  • ISIS says “we did it”
  • State agencies believe that

Can you say STATE CRISIS? Yes I know you can.

There have been calls by various top Pan-Europa movement politicians across the EU to stop reporting about ISIS terror altogether to defeat the purpose of the terror, namely influencing public opinion.


So we are very deep into 1984 territory here in the EU and especially in Germany – where the media are at their rottenest – : The regime imposes an entire fantasy reality of simulation news on us hoping we believe it :

While the murder of that innocent teen in Hamburg was kept all but secret, all our journalist-impostors gleefully report about HORROR CLOWNS for WEEKS now.

( random example article )

So this is coordinated misdirection or desinformation (Germans have a rude word for this, Volksverarschung). And of course you have similar desinformation in the USA. As always the media across the US empire work in coordination.

We will see more of these ludicrous short-lived misdirection campaigns. They will become more ridiculous. When you read a newspaper, keep in mind: They fabricate their own Ersatz reality for you. Ask yourself: How many of these horror clowns actually exist? Did any of them do something as grave as punching someone in the face?

And the journalists give them thousands of pages of attention while keeping mum about murder in our cities?





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