Atheism Taken To Its Extremes

Great video; 1:25 h; take the time and watch it.

Physics Disproves Atheistic Cosmologies“; Spike Psarris

Highlight: (SPOILER!)

  • As ultimate conclusion of atheist cosmology, the universe is infinitely more unlikely than you – yes you dear reader – popping into existence from a quantum fluctuation alone; the entire world around you being your very own delusion.
  • You are then a so called Boltzmann Brain.
  • Boltzmann never proposed any such thing to my knowledge. The cosmologists just abuse his name because he did some physics stuff with probability theory and entropy and stuff.
  • Like Musk calling his car Tesla.
  • Also, you, dear reader Boltzmann Brain, do not *HAVE* a consciousness. That’s another illusion of yours.
  • This is of course solipsism and it’s the perfect excuse for psychopathic behaviour.
  • Also, Boltzmann got a Nobel price, which the cosmologists abusing his name won’t. (Hopefully.)
  • I’m an illusion of yours. Man, thank you for imagining me, my computers, this beautiful flat around me and especially that great Oxen roast I had on Friday in Munich. If I ever meet you I’ll bring a syringe of ATP and inject it directly into your stem brain. Because, you’re a brain floating in nothingness. So probably we won’t really meet.
  • Maybe these cosmologists watched one Romero movie too much.

Here we go.


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